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Country Bump

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Darren Bailey (UK) - March 2019
Country Music Made Me Do It - Carlton Anderson
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Intro: 32 Counts

Vine R, Touch, Vine L, Touch
1-2Step RF to R side, Cross LF behind RF
3-4Step RF to R side, Touch LF next to RF
5-6Step LF to L side, Cross LF behind RF
7-8Step LF to L side, Touch RF next to LF

Walk back x3, Close, Point to R, Point to L
1-2Step back on RF, Step back on LF
3-4Step back on RF, Close LF next to RF
5-6Point RF to R side, Close RF next to LF
7-8Point LF to L side, Close LF next to RF

Rocking chair with RF, ¼ turn pivot x2
1-2Rock RF forward, Recover onto LF
3-4Rock back on RF, Recover onto LF
5-6Step forward on RF, Make a 1/8 turn L
7-8Step forward on RF, Make a 1/8 turn L

Hip bumps R, L, R, Hitch, Hip bumps, L, R, L, Hitch
1-2Step diagonally forward on RF and bump hips to R, Bump hips to L
3-4Bump hips to R, Hitch L knee
5-6Step diagonally forward on LF and bump hips to L, Bump hips to R
7-8Bump hips to L, Hitch R knee


catman March 18, 2019
Section 2: how can I point R and L without a weight change in between (header)? Section 3: not a 1/4 turn times 2 (header).

nona March 27, 2019
In other words catman you want more detail shown? Nice easy dance Darren!

Pony Chen April 1, 2019

Harmony Dance April 6, 2019
Taught this dance tonight and it was Great!

jclair April 21, 2019
Cute - will be teaching. Agree with catman's 2nd comment --- Section 3 bold has 1/4 x2, detail has 1/8 as danced

Roger71 April 25, 2019

The third set in the header says 1/4 left turn but in the says 2-1/8 turns do I have a choice? Ron

Jazzbox June 9, 2019
It's a great dance, love the hip bumps with a hitch. The step sheet is clear to me, great job!

Ryan King September 3, 2019
Gone down an absolute treat with my beginners. Thanks Darren. :)

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