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Stupid Boy

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Tina Argyle (UK) - March 2019
Stupid Boy - Keith Urban : (iTunes)
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Count In : 16counts from start of track 13 seconds into the track

Please note the tracks ends which is where you should finish the dance at around 3mins 40 seconds.
The track will “come back” after a pause, but I suggest you finish at the mentioned time, facing 12 o’clock.

Step, Touch, Step with Sweep. Behind Side Cross & Cross Rock Recover & Syncopated Weave
1&2Step R to right side, touch L at side of R, step L to left side sweeping R clockwise
3&4Cross R behind L, step L to left side, cross R over L
&5-6Step L to left side, cross rock R over left, recover weight onto L
&7&8&Step R to right side, cross L over R, step R to right side, cross L behind R, step R to right side.

Cross Rock Recover. Step Forward. Step ½ Pivot Turn Step. Full Spiral Turn* Rock Forward Recover
1-2Cross rock Left over Right , Recover onto right
&3Step L to left side, Step forward Right
4&5Step forward L, make ½ pivot turn right onto R, Step forward L (6 o’clock)
6&7Make ½ turn left stepping back R (6) make ½ turn left on ball of R hooking left over R shin (&) (6 o’clock) Step forward Left (7)
* Alternative steps for counts 6&7 – Step fwd R (6) – Hitch L knee (&) – Step forward Left (7)
8&Rock forward Right, recover weight onto Left

Basic NC Step R. ¼ Turn. Full Turn Fwd. Basic NC Step Long Step, Behind, Side.
1-2&Take a long step R to right side, Rock left behind right, recover
3-4&Make ¼ turn left stepping fwd L. Make ½ turn left stepping back R, Make ½ turn left stepping fwd L (3 o’clock)
5-6&Take a long step R to right side, Rock left behind right, recover.
7-8&Take a long step L to left side, Cross R behind left, step L to left side

Cross Rock, Recover x2 & Step Fwd. Step ½, Reverse ½ Turn. Rock Back Recover
1-2&Cross rock R over left, recover, Step R at side of left
3-4&Cross rock L over right, recover, Step L at side of right
5Step forward Right
6&7Step fwd L, make ½ turn right onto R, make ½ turn right stepping back Left (3 o”clock)
8&Rock back Right, recover onto Left

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OLDSALTY April 7, 2019
Long story short don't get it why some dances by prominent choreographers get the viewing numbers but then not followed up with votes. It would explain it if the dance was not worthy of success but this dance is quite amazing.Starts off a bit slow but like the song builds into something worthy of top votes. Good luck with this one Tina keep pushing it out there Vicky North Wales PS givng you star vote will keep watching its progress

OLDSALTY April 7, 2019

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