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Sweet but Psycho

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Easy Beginner
Bobby Houle (CAN) - April 2019
Sweet but Psycho - Ava Max
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[1-8] Step, together ,step ,touch (R+L diag)
1-4Right foot diag R, Left beside R , Right foot diag R, touch left beside R - The body faces 10:30
5-8Repeat 1-4 with left foot , with body facing 1:30

[9-16]: Back step touches (R+L ) with clap ,Sway (R-L-R-L) & touch
1-4Right F back ,touch left beside R, left F back , touch right beside L ,clap on 2-4
5-8Sway hips R-L-R-L ,on count 8 as you sway on left ,touch R beside L
Note :Arm movement optional : On count 5 ,hips on right, cross your arms in front of your body Right in front of left ,
Count 6 : hips to the left , arms open each sides of your body
Count 7 : hips to the right cross your arms same as 5 but on your back
Count 8 : same as 6 , add a R touch beside L

[17-24] : Rumba box
1-4Right foot R , Left beside R , Right forward , touch left beside R
5-8Left foot L , Right beside L , Left foot back , slide Right beside L

[25-32]: Walk backward (x3), hold , coaster step , 1\4 turn L , touch
1-4Back R-L-R , hold
5-8Left foot back , right beside L , Left foot forward , 1\4 Turn L on left foot, & slide Right foot to end with a touch beside left (9’oclock )

On the 10th wall ,you’re facing the 9 oclock wall , you do the first 16 counts (sway) and restart the dance.


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