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Easy Sucker...

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Step5678 (USA) - April 2019
Sucker - Jonas Brothers
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Intro: 32 Counts Restart: On Wall 4 After 8 Counts

S1: V-Step, Hip Rolls (R, L, R, L)
1-2Step R out on right diagonal (1), Step L out on left diagonal (2)
3-4Step R back in (3), Step L back in (4)
5-6Roll hips to R (5), Roll hips to L (6)....Will be moving counterclockwise
7-8Roll hips to R (7), Roll hips to L (8) (Weight ending on L)(Can do hip bumps if easier)(12:00)
***Restart Here on Wall 4***

S2: Vine Right With Touch, Vine Left With Scuff – ¼ Turn Left
1-2Step R to right (1), Step L behind R (2)
3-4Step R to right (3), Touch L next to R (4)
5-6Step L to left (5), Step R behind L (6)
7-8Step R fwd – ¼ left (7), Scuff R fwd (8) (9:00)

S3: Lock Step Fwd With Scuff (R & L)
1-2Step R fwd (1), Lock L behind R (2)
3-4Step R fwd (3), Scuff L fwd (4)
5-6Step L fwd (5), Lock R behind L(6)
7-8Step L fwd (7), Scuff R fwd (8) ((9:00)

S4: Rocking Chair (R), ½ Pivot Turn Left, Fwd Walks (R & L)
1-2Rock R fwd (1), Recover L (2)
3-4Rock R back (3), Recover L (4)
5-6Step R fwd (5). Pivot ½ turn left (weight on left) (6) (3:00)
7-8Step R fwd (7), Step L fwd (8)

Let's Dance!!!

Last Update - 23 April 2019


DougBond4 April 11, 2019
Love this....

step5678 April 11, 2019
Thank you DougBond4!

Sandue April 13, 2019
Love the dance, but I'll teach it to my Beginner class as I feel it's a little too much for a new dancer. Step5678 - I love your dances.
Sandy from The Villages, FL

step5678 April 13, 2019
Thank you Sandue!

step5678 April 13, 2019
You can change the hip rolls to hip bumps, and the lock steps to triple steps, if that helps your dancers. Thanks again for looking at my videos and teaching some of my dances.❤

Jazzbox April 14, 2019
Great dance, love everything about it.

step5678 April 14, 2019
Thank you so much Jazzbox!

Jazzbox July 12, 2019
Every time I look at this dance, I love it more. I see it's been changed from AB to Beginner. I think that was a wise change.

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