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Burn It Down

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Jenna Koch (DE), Emma Ruhnau (DE) & Jenny Jahr (DE) - March 2019
Burn the House Down - AJR : (Album: Burn the House Down - AJR)
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Intro – Dance starts on the word “cool”

(1-8) R rock step with body-roll, walk back R L, heel twists, step R to R, knee bounce, ball cross, shoulder shrugs, snap R
1-2Rock R fwd with a body roll from front to back (1), recover on L (2)
&3Step back on R (&), step back on L (3)
&4&Twist both heels R turning 1/4 L onto L (&) (facing 9:00), twist both heels back to center (4) (facing 12:00), step R to R (&)
5&6Lift both heels off floor as you pop knees fwd (5), drop heels to place (&) (weight on L), step R next to L (6)
&7&8Cross L over R (&), shrug R shoulder up/L shoulder down (7), shrug L shoulder up/R shoulder down(&) snap with R hand to the R (8)

(9–16) R side rock, side rock L, L 1/2 turn sailor step, camel walks R L,
1-2&Rock R to R (1), recover on L (2), step R next to L (&)
3-4Rock L to L (3), Recover on R (4)
5&6Cross L behind R (5),1/4 turn L stepping R to R (&),1/4 turn L stepping fwd on L(6)
7-8Step R fwd as you pop L knee fwd (7), step L fwd as you pop R knee fwd (8)

(17-24) R press rock step fwd, sweep, pony step back, L step 1/4, R step1/4, 1/4 turn traveling swivels
1-2R press rock step fwd while bending your R knee (1), recover on L sweeping R from front to back (2)
3&4Step R a small step back (3), step L next to R (&), step R a small step back (4)
5-6¼ turn L stepping L to L (facing 3:00) (5), ¼ turn L stepping R to R (facing 12:00) (6)
7&8¼ turn L (facing 9:00) as you swiveling R heel to L and L toe to L (7), swivel R toe to L and L heel to L (&), swivel R heel to L and L toe to L (8) (weight on L)

(25-32) R rock fwd, ½ Turn R, R rock fwd, coaster Step, L cross, R back, L back, R cross, L back, step ½ turn R, ½ turn R stepping L next to R
1&2&Rock R fwd (1), recover back on L (&), turn ½ R rocking fwd onto R (facing 3:00) (2), recover back on L (&)
3&4Step back on R (3), step L next to R (&), step forward on R (4)
5&6&Cross L over R (5), step back on R (&), step back on L (6), cross R over L (&)
7&8Step back on L (7), ½ turn R stepping fwd onto R (facing 9:00) (&), ½ turn R stepping L next to R (facing 3:00) (8)

Tag (8 counts): in wall 4 after 16 counts (facing 3:00)
(1-8) R Press step with chest pop, body roll, step back R L, press step to R with knee turn in and out, hold, drag, touch
1&2,3Press step R fwd popping your chest fwd (1), pop your chest back (&), body roll from front to back (2,3)
&4Step back on R (&), step back on L (4)
5&5Press step R to R turning R knee in (5), turn R knee out (&), hold (6)
7-8Drag R to L (7), touch R next to L (8)


Jdubb1981 July 23, 2019
Love this dance... any chance we could get a video tutorial on it?

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