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Codigo Two (P)

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Guylaine Bourdages (CAN) - April 2019
Codigo - George Strait : (Album: Single)
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Intro: 8 counts - Starting position: Double Hand Hold
Face to Face: Woman right hand in the left hand of the man, Left hand of the woman in the right hand of the man
Description of the steps for the man, (Natural opposite for woman except when describe)
[1-8] MAN: LF Shuffle Forward, Mambo Step, Shuffle Back, Mambo Step
[1-8] WOMAN: RF Shuffle Back, (LF)Mambo Step, Shuffle Forward, Step Turn ½, Step Back
1&2LF Forward, RF beside LF, LF Forward
3&4RF Forward, Recover on LF, RF back
5&6LF back, RF beside LF, LF back
7&8RF back, (Left arm up and let the right hand to let the woman turn under left arm
Recover on LF, RF Forward (Hand to Hand position)
WOMAN : LF Forward, 1/2R Recover on RF, 1/2R LF back

[9-16] MAN: Mambo Step (Forward & Back), Mamo Step L, Mambo Cross
[9-16] WOMAN: Mambo Step Back & Front, Mambo R, Mambo Cross
1&2LF Forward, Recover on RF, LF back
3&4RF back, Recover on LF, RF forward
5&6LF to left, Recover on RF, LF beside RF
7&8RF to right, Recover on LF, RF cross in front of LF

[17-24] MAN: Side, Back, Side Front, Hip Sway Left & Right (Twice)
[17-24] WOMAN: Side, Back, Side Front, Sway, Hip Sway Right & Left (Twice)
1&2&LF to left, RF cross behind of LF, LF to left, RF cross in front of LF
3-4LF to left (Hip Sway Left, Right)
5&6&LF to left, RF cross behind of LF, LF to left, RF cross in front of LF
7-8LF to left (Hip Sway Left, Right)

[25-32] MAN: Chassé with 1/4L, Forward, Touch, Back, 1/4R Chassé, Sway LR
[25-32] WOMAN: Chassé with 1/4R, Forward, Touch, Back, 1/4R Chassé, Sway RL
1&2LF to left, RF beside LF, 1/4L LF forward (let left hand)
3&4RF foward, Touch LF behind RF, LF back
5&61/4R RF to right, LF beside RF, RF to right (back to double hand position)
7-8Hip Sway Left, Right

Restart : At the 3rd sequence … Dance the first 8 counts and Restart

THANK YOU to dance my choreographies and to add them to your playlists … this is the best gift a choreograpger can receive. MERCI de danser mes chorégraphies et de les rajouter à vos playlists, c'est le meilleur cadeau qu'un chorégraphe puisse recevoir. With GRATITUDE , Guylaine xx


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