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Y All People (fr)

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Frederic Fassiaux (FR) - Février 2019
Cody Johnson - Y'll People
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#3 restarts (3…6. 7 mur ) ( 1er et 2 eme 32e compte 12h, 3e 32e compte 6h)

[1a8] heel right fwd, touch right , kick right diago x 2,behind side cross,hold
1-2poser talonD devant, toucher PD cote PG
3-4PD kick diago x 2
5-6PD croiser derriere PG, PG a G
7-8PD croiser devant PG, temps d'arret.

[9a16] heel left,touch left, fwd,kick left diago x 2,coaster step left,scuff fwd right.
1-2poser talon G devant? Toucher PG cote PD
3-4PG kick diago x 2
5-6PG derriere, PD cote PG
7-8PG devant,brosser legerement talon D devant.

[17a24] step, lock, step right fwd,hold,step turn right,step,hold.
1-2PD devant, bloquer PG cote PD
3-4PD devant, temps d'arret
5-6PG devant, pivoter ½ tour a D
7-8poser PG devant, temps d'arret

[25a32] full turn, step, hold,mambo left fwd,hold,
1-2pivot ½ tour a G(PD arriere), pivot ½ tour a G,( PG devant)
3-4poser PD devant, temps d'arret
5-6pas PG en avant,revenir cote pdc PD
7-8poser PG cote PD, temps d'arret

[33a40] kick, step(right), kick,step(left), kick right fwd coaster step right
1-2petit coup pied avant D,poser PD cote PG
3-4petit coup pied avant G,poser PG cote PD
5-6petit coup pied avant D, PD derriere
7-8PG cote PD, PD devant.

[41A48] scuff left fwd,step left fwd,touch,step behind right,heel left fwd,coaster step left
1-2brosser legerement talon G devant, step PG devant
3-4toucher PD derriere PG, poser PD derriere,
5-6talon G devant, PG derriere
7-8PD cote PG, PG devant

[49a56] scuff right fwd, step right fwd,touch,step behind left,heel rightfwd,coaster step right
1-2brosser legerement talon D devant, step PD devant
3-4toucher PG derriere PD, poser PG derriere
5-6talon D devant, PD derriere
7-8PG cote PD, PD devant

[57a64] ¼ tour right,side,rock,cross,hold , weave right
1-2en ¼ D,poser PG a G,revenir pdc PD
3-4PG croiser devant PD, temps d'arret
5-6PD a D, PG croiser derriere PD
7-8PD a D croiser PG devant PD


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