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Everybody Wanna

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Tina Argyle (UK) - April 2019
Everybody - Chris Janson : (Single - iTunes)
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Count In : 16 counts from start of track approx 10 seconds into track

Syncopated ¼ Monterey Turn. Touch Out,In,Out. Behind, Side, Cross. Side Rock ¼ Turn Step.
1&Touch R toe to R side, Make ¼ turn right stepping R at side of L (3 o’clock)
2&Touch L toe to L side, Step L at side of R
3&4Touch R toe out, in out,
5&6Cross R behind L, step L to left side, cross R over left
7&8Rock L to L side, make ¼ right onto R, step forward L (6 o’clock)

Full Turn Fwd. (or walk R,L) Shuffle Fwd. Rock Fwd Recover, Together, Slide Back, Step Together.
1-2Make ½ turn left stepping back R, Make ½ turn left stepping forward L (or walk R,L)
3&4Step forward R, close L at side of R, step forward R
5-6Rock forward L, recover weight onto R
&7Step L at side of R, take long step back onto R
8Step L at side of R
*** Re Start here during Walls3 & 7 ***

R Diagonal Rock with Sway, Shuffle. L Diagonal Rock with Sway, Shuffle.
1-2Rock fwd R slightly on the diagonal pushing hip fwd, recover weight back onto L pushing hip back
3&4Shuffle fwd R slightly towards R diagonal leading with side of R foot stepping RLR
5-6Rock fwd L slightly on the diagonal pushing hip fwd, recover weight back onto R pushing hip back
7&8Shuffle fwd L slightly towards L diagonal leading with side of L foot stepping LRL

Step ¼ Cross. Cross ½ Hinge Turn Cross. Side Rock Cross, Heel Jack, Together.
1&2Step fwd right, make ¼ turn left onto left, cross right over left (3 o’clock)
3&4Make ¼ turn right stepping back left, make ¼ turn right stepping right to ride side, cross left over right (9 o’clock)
5&6Rock right to right side recover, cross right over left
&7Step left to left side and slightly back, touch right heel to right diagonal
&8Step right in place, step left at side of right


Caslad May 1, 2019
Love the track and nice step combinations

Pismo May 2, 2019
Additional information about where restarts begin and end would have been helpful.

LeisureLineDance May 28, 2019
Love the music,love the lyrics, love the choreography very much!

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