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Don't Mess With My (Toot Toot)

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April Coady (IRE) - May 2019
Don't Mess With My Toot Toot - Mike Denver
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Intro: 32 counts

S1: R Side Strut, L Cross Strut, R Step ¼ Turn L, R Step Hold, Walk L Clap, Walk R Clap, L Mambo
1&2&Step R toe to R side, drop R heel, cross L toe over R, drop L heel
3&4Step R to R side, make ¼ turn L, step fwd R, hold (9:00)
5&6&Walk fwd L, clap, walk fwd R, clap
7&8Rock fwd L, step R in place, step L back

S2: R Shuffle Back, L Coaster Step, Heel Strut, Side Rock, Heel Strut, Side rock
1&2Step back R, close L beside R, step back R
3&4Step L back, close R beside L, step fwd L
5&6&R heel strut, rock L to L, recover on R
7&8&L heel strut, rock R to R, recover on L

S3: V Step, Tap Front Back, Bounce Bounce Making ¼ Turn R, Heel & Heel & Touch
1&2&Step R to R diagonal, step L to L diagonal, step R in place, step L in place
3 4Tap R toe fwd, tap R toe back
5&6&Bounce both heels twice making ¼ turn R, touch R heel fwd, close R beside L (12:00)
7&8Touch L heel fwd, close L beside R, touch R beside L

S4: R Chasse, L Sailor ¼ Turn L, Step R ½ Turn, Cross, Step Back
1&2Step R to R, close L beside R, step R to R
3&4Making ¼ turn L Step L behind R, close R beside L, step L fwd (9:00)
5 6Step R fwd, pivot ½ turn L (3:00)
7 8Cross R over L, step L back

Start Again! No Tags No Restarts! Just Dance & Enjoy ….  Contact me if you need help with the music
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Happy Feeet May 9, 2019
This "Toot Toot" soundtrack is a great music choice, excellent work on the choreography.
It will be a fun dance next week Wed.

reeling May 9, 2019
Love it Love it, Def teach for Thursday Catchy fun energetic dance.

ROSIE May 12, 2019
big hit for April in Spain, A livily improver dance ,my class with really get into it :)

Silver Spur May 12, 2019
Thanks everyone xxx

smileysnail May 13, 2019
Looks a great fun wee dance to a great track - definitely one for us at class.

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