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Easy Intermediate
Jef Camps (BEL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - May 2019
I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber
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Intro 8 counts

Section 1: Cross, Side Rock/Recover, Cross, Side Rock/Recover, Cross, Back, Side, Weave
1-2&3RF step across LF, LF rock side, recover on RF, LF step across RF
4&5RF rock side, recover on LF, RF cross over LF
6&7&LF step back, RF step side, LF cross over RF, RF step side
8&LF cross behind RF, RF step side

Section 2: Heel Grind ¼ Turn, Close, Kick, Ball, Touch, Ball, Step-Lock-Step, Side, Flick, Side, Together
1-2&LF step on heel across RF, ¼ turn left on L-heel & RF step back, LF close next to RF 9:00
3&4&RF kick forward, RF close next to LF, LF touch forward, LF close next to RF
5&6RF step diagonally R-forward, LF lock behind RF, RF step forward
&7LF step side, RF flick behind LF
8&RF step side, LF close next to RF

Section 3: Side, ¼ Diamond, Walks Forward, Mambo ½ Turn
1RF step side
2&3LF cross over RF, RF step side, 1/8 turn L & LF step back
4&RF step back, 1/8 turn L & LF step side 6:00
5-6RF walk forward, LF walk forward
7&8RF rock forward, recover on LF, ½ turn R & RF step forward 12:00

Section 4: Full Turn, Heels Out, Back, Cross, Back, Back, Cross, ¼ Turn, Side
1-2½ turn R & LF step back, ½ turn R & RF step forward 12:00
3&LF step on heel diag. L-forward, RF step on heel diag. R-forward
4&LF step back, RF cross over LF (turn body to L diagonal)
5-6LF step back, RF step diagonally R backwards (turn body to R diagonal)
7&8LF cross over RF, ¼ turn L & RF step back, LF step side 9:00



TinaDR May 11, 2019
I knew there would be a dance to this track in one day,
but I did not expect anything this good so fast.

Teaching this in all my int classes this week.

Nice one guys

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