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Don't Needa Man

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Lori Manary (USA) - January 2019
Don't Need No Man - DeMetri Moon : (iTunes)
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Toe Struts R, L, Jazz Box w/¼ Turn R
1, 2Tap R toe forward (1), Step down on R(2)
3, 4Tap L toe forward (3), Step down on L(4)
5, 6Cross R over L (5) Step L back
7, 8¼ turn R stepping forward on R (7), Step L next to R (8) (3:00)

R Vine, Heel Jack, L Vine, Heel Jack Cross
9, 10Step R To R side (9) Cross L behind R(10)
11, 12Hop R back at R diagonal tap L heel at L diagonal (11) Hop both feet back to center landing with R crossing over L(12)
13, 14Step L to L side (13) Cross R behind L (14)
15, 16Hop L back at L diagonal tap R heel at R diagonal (15) Hop both feet back to center landing with L crossing over R(16) (3:00)

Shuffle RLR, Toe Touch Behind, ½ Turn L, Kick Ball Point, ¼ Turn L
17&18Step R forward (17), Step L next to R (&) Step R forward (18)
19, 20Touch L toe back (19) ½ Turn L(20)
21&22Kick L forward (21), Step L down next to R (&) Point R toe forward(22)
23, 24¼ turn L (23), Hold (24) (6:00)

R Sailor, L Sailor, R Toe Touches, L Toe Touch ¼ Turn L
25&26Step R to R side (25) Rock back on L (&) Rock forward on R (26)
27 & 28Step L to L side (27) Rock back on R (&) Rock forward on L. (28)
29, 30Touch R toe out to R side (29) Step R next to L(30)
31, 32Touch L toe out to L side (31) ¼ turn L(32) (3:00)
Coaster Step, Toe Touch R,L, R Toe Flick, R Toe Cross, Unwind
33&34Step L back (33) Step R next to L (&) Step L forward (34)
35&36&Touch R toe forward (35) Touch R next to L (&) Touch L toe forward (36) Step L next to R(&)
37, 38Flick R toe forward (37) Cross R toe over L (38)
39- 40Unwind full turn (3:00)

Hip Bump R, Hip Bump L, Hip Circle
41, 42Two hip bumps R
43, 44Two hip bumps L
45-48 1 full hip circle (3:00)

Restart: Do the entire dance twice.
On count 32, bring L foot next to R while making the ¼ turn L.
You will be facing the 9:00 wall, restart the dance



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