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Hands Talk Tonight EZ

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Susanne Oates (UK) - June 2019
Hands Talk - Rascal Flatts
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Written for my beginner class as a floor split for “Hands Talk Tonight “
#8 Count intro.

Alternative music suggestions: “Don’t you wish it was True” by John Fogerty

Walk Forward x3. Point. Walk Back x3. Point.
1 2Step forward on right. Step forward on left.
3 4Step forward on right. Point left to left side.
5 6Step back on left. Step back on right.
7 8Step back on left. Point right to right side.

Step. Point. Step. Point. Jazz Box with ¼ Right Turn, Brush.
9 10Step forward on right. Point left to left side.
11 12Step forward on left. Point right to right side.
13 14Step right across left. Step back on left.
15 16Turn ¼ right, stepping right to right side. Brush left beside right. (3o’clock)

Cross Step. Tap. Back. Side. Cross Step. Tap. Back. Side.
17 18Step left forward and across right. Tap right behind left.
19 20Step back on right to place. Step left to left side.
21 22Step right forward and across left. Tap left behind right.
23 24Step back on left to place. Step right to right side.

Walk Forward x3. Touch. Back Shuffle. Left Coaster.
25 26Step forward on left. Step forward on right.
27 28Step forward on left. Touch right beside left.
29&30Step back on right. Step left beside right. Step back on right.
31&32Step back on left. Step right beside left. Step forward on left.


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