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Tango Pa'Bailar

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José María Tomé (ES) - April 2019
Pa' Bailar (Siempre Quiero Mas) - Bajofondo & Julieta Venegas
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Dance starts after 48 counts. There is 1 RESTART and ENDING.

(1-8) 2x (Diagonal Cross Shuffle, side point)
Steps (Shuffle cross) in diagonal direction, but our body is facing [12:00]
1 – 2RF cross over LF in left diagonal, LF close behind RF
3 – 4RF cross over LF in left diagonal, LF point left side
5 – 6LF cross over RF in right diagonal, RF close behind LF
7 – 8LF cross over RF in right diagonal, RF point right side

(9-16) Back, point, back, point, back , Turn ¼ left, Step, Turn ½ left
1 – 2RF step back, LF point left side
3 – 4LF step back, RF point right side
5 – 6RF step back, LF forward turn ¼ left [9:00]
7 – 8RF step forward, Turn ½ left (weight on LF) (*) [3:00]
(*) At the RESTART we sustitute this step by: 16 (8).- Turn ¼ left [6:00]

(17-24) Shuffle, hold, 2x (step, hook)
1 – 2RF step forward, LF close behind RF
3 – 4RF step forward, Hold
5 – 6LF step forward, RF hook behind LF
7 – 8RF step back, LF hook over RF

(25-32) Step, Turn ¼ right, Wave, Sweep, Behind, Side
1 – 2LF step forward, Turn ¼ right (weight on RF) [6:00]
3 – 4LF cross over RF, RF step right side
5 – 6LF cross behind RF, RF sweeps to the right
7 – 8RF cross behind LF, LF step left side

RESTART: On the 3rd. wall after 16 counts.

ENDING: To finish with the music facing [12:00], on the last wall (13th), we modify the following steps:
30 (6).- Pivot ½ to left 31 (7).- RF touch beside LF. (There is not count 32!)

Have fun! and I hope you will enjoy it.



nona June 21, 2019
Very nice easy Beginner dance!

XEMA June 23, 2019
Thanks nona. It's my first dance and I am very happy that you liked it.

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