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Remember You Young

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Improver Rolling 8 count
José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Guillaume Richard (FR) - June 2019
Remember You Young - Thomas Rhett
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Intro: 16 Counts and Start after the 1st word “Hey”
Tag after walls 1 and 3

[1 – 8] Step, Touch & Snap, Step, Step ¼ turn Cross, ¼ turn Step Back, ¾ turn Step 1 Hitch, Rock Step, ¾ traveling turn Steps
1-2-3Step LF forward (1), Touch RF next to LF and snap R fingers (2), Step RF forward (3) 12:00
4&aStep LF forward (4), Make ¼ turn R stepping on RF (&), Cross LF over RF (a) 3:00
5-6-7Make ¼ turn L stepping RF backward (5), Make ½ turn L stepping LF forward and continue the turn making ¼ turn L as you hitch R knee (6), Cross RF over LF (7) 3:00
8&aRecover on LF (8), Make ¼ turn R stepping RF forward (&), Make ½ turn R stepping LF backward (a) 12:00
[9 – 16] Rock Back, Step & Drag x2, Rock Step, ¼ turn Step, Cross Rock Step x2,
1-2-3Step RF backward (1), Recover on LF and drag RF next to LF (2), Step RF forward and drag LF next to RF (3) 12:00
4&aStep LF forward (4), Recover on RF (&), Make ¼ turn L stepping LF to L(a) 9:00
5-6Cross RF over LF (5), Recover on LF (6) 9:00
a7-8Step RF to R (a), Cross LF over RF (7), Recover on RF (8) 9:00
&aMake ¼ turn L stepping LF forward (&), Make ½ turn L stepping RF backward (a) 12:00
! To Restart the dance, add one more ½ turn L as you do your 1st Step LF forward 6:00
TAG: Step, Out Out, Step Backward, Rock Step x2
1&2Step LF forward (1), Step RF to R and raise on your toes (&), Step LF to L and raise on your toes (2) 6:00
&3-4Step RF backward (&), Step LF forward (3), Recover on RF (4) 6:00
&aStep LF backward (&), Recover on RF (a) 6:00

Guillaume Richard:


Pismo June 13, 2019
Thank you for writing a rolling 8 instead of a waltz to this track.

OLDSALTY June 15, 2019
yes I second Pismo's comment. 16 glorious rolling counts plus a memorable 4 rolling count tag done twice yep I'm in Love it Vicky xx PS Thomas Rhett fans this track is awesome

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