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Don't Take it Away

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Jessica Devlin (IRE) - June 2019
Grace - Lewis Capaldi
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Description: Tag after wall 3 – Restart on wall 8 after 16 counts

Intro: 12 Counts

[1-8] Walk x2, Sailor ½ turn, Step, ½ Turn, Run back x2, slide close
1,2,3&4Walk forward RF, Walk forward LF, (Making ½ over R-Shoulder) Step RF behind LF, Step LF Next to RF, step RF forward
5,6&7,8Step LF forward, (Making ½ turn over L-Shoulder) Run back R-L, Take large step back on RF sliding LF back, Close LF next to RF

[9-16] ¼ Turn, Twist, Sweep, Cross, back, Together, Walk x2, Step Point, Close
1,2,3,4&Step RF forward, Make ¼ turn over L-Shoulder (Transferring weight to LF), Transferring weight back to RF sweep LF over RF, Step LF over RF, Step RF back
5,6,7&8&Close LF next to RF, Walk forward RF, Walk forward LF, Step on RF, Point LF to diagonal, close LF next to RF
Restart here on wall 8)

[17-24] Hitch ¼ Turn, Cross triple, Side rock, Behind, Side, Cross
1,2,3&4Step Forward on RF, Hitching L-Knee (Making ¼ turn over R-Shoulder), Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R-Side, Cross LF over RF
5,6,7&8Rock RF to R Side, Recover weight to LF, Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to L side, Cross RF over LF

[25-32] Step, Touch & Point & Hitch & Rock, Sweep ¼ turn, Coaster step
1,2&3&4&Step LF to L Side, Touch RF next to LF, Step RF in Place, Touch L-Heel forward, close LF next to RF hitching R-Knee, Step RF forward
5,6,7&8Rock LF Forward, Recover weight to RF sweeping LF behind RF (Making ¼ turn over L-Shoulder), Step LF back, close RF next to LF, step LF forward

RESTART: After wall 3, Walk Forward R-L


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