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Bente Lindtner (NOR) - June 2019
Emotion - Astrid S
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#16 count intro, Dance starts at ‘(for)get’

[1-8] R Basic, Step L, 1/2 sailor turn R into Shuffle FW RLR, Rock recover shuffle Back LRL
1, 2 &Step RF to R, close LF behind R, cross RF over L (12:00)
3, 4 &Step LF to L, Cross RF behind LF, Pivot ¼ turn R Stepping LF next to RF
5 & 6Pivot ¼ turn R Stepping RF FW, step LF next to RF, Step RF FW (06:00)
7 &Rock Step LF FW, Recover on RF
8 & 1Step BW on LF, Step RF next to LF, Step BW on LF

[9-16] Rock to R, recover with 1/4 turn L and sweep R, Cross back back X 2, Touch
2 , 3Rock Step RF to Right, recover stepping LF FW turning 1/4 to L while sweeping RF from back to front (03:00)
4 & 5Cross RF over LF, Step LF back , step RF back (on line with LF)
6 & 7Cross LF over RF, Step RF back , step LF back (on line with RF)
8Touch R toe close to LF

[17-24] Quarter Diamond turn into Vaudeville left and right
1, 2 &Step RF to right, make 1/8 turn L stepping LF back diagonal, step RF back diagonal (01:30)
3, 4 &Make 1/8 turn L stepping LF to L, Turn 1/8 L stepping RF forward, step LF forward (10:30)
5&6&Cross RF over LF, turn 1/8 R Stepping LF left (straightening), touch R heel FW diagonally to R, Step RF next to LF (12:00)
7 & 8Cross LF over RF, Step RF back , touch L heel FW diagonally to L
&Step LF next to RF

[25-32] Step RF FW, Spiral turn L 1/1, Step FW, Coaster 1/4 L cross, Unwind 3/4 with sweep, Coaster step cross
1, 2, 3Step RF FW, turn 1/1 round while stepping LF FW, Step RF FW
4 & 5Turn 1/4 L stepping LF behind RF, Step RF next to LF, cross LF in front of RF (09:00)
6Unwind 3/4 R, weight ending on LF while sweeping RF around and to back (06:00)
7&8&step RF BW, step LF next to RF, Step RF FW, Cross LF in front of RF

Tag / Restart: during wall 2, after 16 counts with small change:
6 & 7Cross LF over RF, Step RF back, turn ¼ left stepping LF left
8Touch R toe close to LF
Then Restart


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