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She Don't Care

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Kate Damgaard (DK) - June 2019
Count the Beers - Darius Rucker : (Album: When Was The Last Time .... iTunes)
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Intro: 16 counts from the main beat

Wall 1 after 56 counts - Wall 3 after 56 counts
Wall 5 after 32 counts. On wall 5 only, you have to do "L together (&)" and then do the Restart ... *** = Restart point

Ending: wall 7 after Section 3:
Dance &5&6 "and cross and cross" ... Then do a L side rock 1/4 R recover (7,8) YEEHAAAA 12:00

Section 1: R step, Hold/Clap, Step Hold/Clap, Rock, Shuffle 1/2 Turn L
1,2&3,4R step fwd, hold/clap, L together (&) R step fwd, Hold/clap
5,6,7&8L step fwd, R recover, turn 1/4 L stepping on L (7), R together (&), Turn 1/4 L by stepping on L (8) 6:00

Section 2 : R step, Tap, and Heel and Heel and Cross, Step Back 1/4 Turn R, Chassé R
1,2&3&4&R step fwd, L tap behind, L together (&), R heel fwd (3), R together (&), L heel fwd (4), L together (&)
5,6,7&8R cross i.f., turn 1/4 R step back L (6), R step side, L together (&), R step side 9:00

Section 3: L Cross, Kick, Behind Side Cross, and Cross, and cross, 1/4 L Step Fwd, Scuff
1,2, 3&4&L cross i.f., R kick diagonally R, R cross behind, L step side (&), R cross i.f., L step side (&)
5&6, 7,8R cross i.f (5), L step side (&), R cross i.f. (6), turn 1/4 L by stepping L fwd (7), R scuff (8) 6:00

Section 4: R Cross Back And Cross Point, Cross Back Turning 1/4 R, Tripple On The Spot 3/4 R
1,2&3,4R cross i.f, L step back, R together (&), L cross i.f, R point side
5,6,7&8R cross i.f, turn 1/4 R by stepping L back 9:00, Step R,L,R while turning 3/4 over R shoulder 6:00
*** Wall 5

Section 5: L Rock Fwd, Shuffle Back, Point Back 1/2 turn, Ballstep, Scuff (prepare turning left)
1,2,3&4L step fwd, R recover, L step back, R together (&), L step back
5,6&7,8R point back, Turn 1/2 R taking weight on R (6), L together (&), R step fwd (7), L scuff (8) 12:00

Section 6: L Rolling Vine Touch, L Rolling Vine Cross
1,2,3,4Turn 1/4 L step L fwd, turn 1/2 L step R back, turn 1/4 L step L to side, R touch beside 12:00
5,6,7,8Turn 1/4 R step R fwd, turn 1/2 R step back L, turn 1/4 R step R to side, L cross i.f. 12:00

Section 7: R Siderock, Cross Shuffle, Siderock, Sailor 1/2 turn L
1,2,3&4R step side, L recover, R cross i.f (3), L step side (&), R cross i.f (4)
5,6,7&8L step side, R recover, L cross behind while turning 1/2 L (7), R step side (&), L step side (8) 6:00
*** Wall 1 & 3

Section 8: R Kick Ball Step, Kick Ball Step, Step Tap and Heel and Heel and
1&2, 3&4R kick fwd, R together (&), L step fwd, R kick fwd, R step together (&), L step fwd
5,6&7&8&R step fwd, L tap behind, L step down (&), R heel fwd (7), R together (&), L heel fwd (8), L together (&)


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