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I'm Blessed

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High Intermediate Rolling 8-Count
Julia Wetzel (USA) - June 2019
Blessed - Thomas Rhett
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Intro: 16 counts, start one count before lyrics (19 sec. into track)
[1 – 8] ⅛ L Rock, Back, Back Rock, 7/8 R, Cross, Side, Sailors L R
1, 2a3⅛ Turn left (10:30) rock R fw (1), Recover L (2), Step R back (a), Rock L back (3) 10:30
4a5Recover R (4), ½ Turn right step L back (a), 3/8 Turn right step R fw square to 9:00 sweep L to front (5) 9:00
6aCross L over right (6), Step R to right side (a) 9:00
7&aStep L behind (7), Step R to right side (&), Step L to left side (a) 9:00
8&aStep R behind L (8), Step L to left side (&), Step R to right side (a) 9:00
[9 – 16] Touch-Unwind ½ L into Lunge, Rolling Turn R, Cross, Side, Close, Cross-Unwind ¾ L, ½ L Shuffle (2x)
1, 2Touch ball of L behind R and start unwind ½ turn L (1), Finish unwind into L Lunge prep for right turn (2) 3:00
3&a4¼ Turn right step R fw (3), ½ Turn right step L back (&), ¼ Turn right step R to right side (a), Cross L over R (4) 3:00
5a6Step R to right side (5), Close L next to R (a), Cross R over L and unwind ¾ left weight ends on L (6) 6:00
7&a8&a½ Turn left shuffle R L R (7&a), ½ Turn left shuffle L R L (8&a)
Non-Turning Option: Shuffle fw R L R (7&a), Shuffle fw L R L (8&a) 6:00
[17 – 24] Prissy Walk R L, Jazz, ¼ L, Step, Step ¾ L Hitch, Sway R L
1, 2Step R fw crossing over L (1), Step L fw crossing over R (2) 6:00
3&a4Cross R over L (3), Step L back (&), Step R slightly to right side (a), Cross L over R and turn ¼ left on L touching R next to L (4) 3:00
5, a6Step R fw (5), Step L fw torque upper body right (a), Turn ¾ left on L hitching R (6)
Easy Option: Cross R over L (5), ¼ Turn right step L back (6) 6:00
7, 8Step R to right side and sway right (7), Place weight on L and sway left (8) 6:00
 *Tag and restart here on Wall 5 facing 6:00
[25 – 32] ¼ R Sweep, Cross, Side, Behind, Side, ⅛ R Step, Step, Pivot ½ L, Waltz Basic ½ L (2x)
1, 2¼ Turn right step R fw sweep L to front (1), Cross L over R (2) 9:00
3&a4Step R to right side (3), Step L behind R (&), Step R to right side (a), ⅛ Turn right (10:30) step L fw (4) 10:30
5, 6Step R fw (5), Pivot ½ turn left step L fw (6) 4:30
7&a8&a½ Turn left step R back (7), Step L next to R (&), Replace weight on R (a), ½ Turn left step L fw (8), Step R next to L (&), Replace weight on L (a), Rock R fw (1)
Extra Turn Option - Recommended on all even Walls (2, 4, 6): ½ Turn left step R back (7), ¼ Turn left step L next to R (&), ¼ Turn left step R fw (a), Step L fw (8), ½ Turn left step R back (&), ½ Turn left step L fw (a), Rock R fw (1) 4:30
Tag: On Wall 5 dance up to Count 24 (Sway left), do the following 2 counts then start Wall 6 facing 6:00
1, 2&aSway right (1), Step L to left side (2), Step R behind L (&), Step L to left side (a)
Ending: Sweep both arms fw as you step R fw on Count 1 of Wall 7 facing 10:30, then bring hands in and place them over your heart as he sings “Blessed”
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Last Update - 1 Aug 2019


Happy Feeet June 21, 2019
Yay !! The wait is over. The Hawaiian gang can now learn Julia's NC2S rolling count dance, love Thomas R.'s soundtrack.
Thank you for your beautiful demo.

lapu June 23, 2019
Simply Beautiful!

Julia1wetzel June 24, 2019
Thank you Happy Feet. I'm so glad you like my Rolling 8-Count dance. :) xx

Julia1wetzel June 24, 2019
Thanks lapu. :)

OLDSALTY June 27, 2019
Julia not much to say really except I think we are all feeling blessed at the moment . Blessed that we have such amazing choreographers like you delivering this work of such excellence Well Done and Thank you for the added easy option so all dancers can achieve and enjoy BLESSED Vicky in North Wales (UK)

Julia1wetzel June 28, 2019
Thank you very much for your kind words Vicky. I'm so flattered that you enjoy my choreography. I know I'm very lucky to have my dances viewed and taught, especially with so many dances published each day. Thank you for giving my dances a try. I often wonder if anyone is actually looking at the easy options. It's nice to know that you found them useful. xx

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