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Senorita Cha

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Dongsook Kim (KOR) - July 2019
SeƱorita - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
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Intro: 32 counts

Sec 1: Step, Fwd Rock, Back Lock Step, Back Rock, Cross Side Rock
1-2-3Step fwd on RF, Rock fwd on LF, Recover on RF
4&5Step back on LF, Lock RF over LF, Step back on LF
6-7Rock back on RF, Recover on LF
8&1Cross RF over LF, Rock LF to L side, Recover on RF(12.00)
Sec 2: Cross, Side, Crossing Shuffle, Fwd Rock, 1/4 R
2-3Cross LF over RF, Step RF side to R
4&5Cross LF over RF, Step RF next to LF, Cross LF over RF
6-7Rock RF fwd diagonal L, Recover on LF
81/4 Turn R step RF fwd on LF(3.00)
Sec 3: 1/4 R Side L, Bend-Stretch-Bend Knees, Swivel R-L-R-L
1-4Step LF to L with bend knees, Stretch Knees, Bend knees, Stretch knees(6.00)
*Or Step LF side to L(1), Bend knees with Clap×2(2&), Stretch Knees(3), Bend knees with Clap(4)
5-8Step RF next to LF, Step LF in place, Step RF in place, Step LF in place
Sec 4: Side R, Close Together, Side L, Close Together, Side, 1/2 L Sailor Step, 1/2 R Triple Step
1-2&Step RF side to R, Step LF next to RF, Step RF in place
3-4&Step LF side to L, Step RF next to LF, Step LF in place
5Step RF side to R
6&7¼ Turn L step LF back, ¼ Turn L step RF next to L, Step LF fwd on RF(12.00)
8&(1) ¼ Turn R step RF side to R, ¼ Turn L step LF next to RF,(Step RF fwd on LF)(6.00)

Start dancing again

*Restart: On Wall 7. After 15 Count then step change

Notice: At Wall 7 Section 2
Sec 2: Cross(2), Side(3), Cross(4), Together(&), Cross(5), Fwd Rock(6), Recover(7), ¼ R Side(8), ¼ R Fwd(&), Fwd(1)

Contect: DongSook Kim -


J Young June 28, 2019

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