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Senorita La-La-La

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Beginner / Improver
Julia Wetzel (USA) - June 2019
Señorita - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
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Intro: 32 counts, start on lyrics ”call me” (17 sec. into track)
[1 - 8] Rock, Back, Lock, Back, Back Rock, Step, Lock, Step
1, 2Rock R fw (1), Recover L (2) 12:00
3&4Step R back (3), Lock L over R (&), Step R back (4) 12:00
5, 6Rock L back (5), Recover R (6) 12:00
7&8Step L fw (7), Lock R behind L (&), Step L fw (8) 12:00
[9 - 16] Step, Pivot ¼ L, Cross Shuffle, ¼ L, Side, Close, Cross
1, 2Step R fw (1), Pivot ¼ turn left step L to left side (2) 9:00
3&4Cross R over L (3), Step L to left side (&), Cross R over L (4) 9:00
5, 6¼ Turn left step L fw (5), Step R to right side (6) 6:00
*Tag and Restart here on Wall 7 facing 12:00
7, 8Close L behind R (7), Cross R over L (8) 6:00
[17- 24] (Side, Hold, Behind, Side, Cross) x2
1, 2&3, 4Big step L to left side (1), Hold (2), Step R behind L (&), Step L to left side (3), Cross R over L (4) 6:00
5, 6&7, 8Repeat 1, 2&3, 4 above 6:00
[25 - 32] Side, ¼ R, Step, Lock, Step, Full Turn, Walk, Walk
1, 2Step L to left side (1), ¼ turn right step R fw (2) 9:00
3&4Step L fw (3), Lock R behind L (&), Step L fw (4) 9:00
5. 6½ Turn left step R back (5), ½ Turn left step L fw (6) 9:00
*Non-Turning Option: Step R fw (5), Step L fw (6)
7, 8Step R fw (7), Step L fw (8) 9:00
Tag: On Wall 7 dance up to Count 14 (Step R to right side), replace weight on L and start a CCW hip roll over 2 counts (7-8) weight ends on L
Styling: Stomp on Count 13 and 14 (Out, Out) before the Tag matching the music
Start Wall 8 facing 12:00
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12 NOV '19 100


eagleham777 July 2, 2019
Thanks Julia for the good choreography, it went well with the music. Your dances are always well received by the students. It's a 5 star for me.

catman July 2, 2019
Learned it last night and it was a hit with me and the rest of the class.

Julia1wetzel July 3, 2019
Thank you for your kind words on my choreography eagleham777 and thanks a lot for teaching my dance. I'm glad your students enjoyed it. xx

Julia1wetzel July 3, 2019
Thank you for your feedback Catman. I'm thrilled that my dance was a hit with your class. xx

dancer33 July 5, 2019
I taught this last night the class loved it great choreography to a fantastic song ..... keep them coming xx

Julia1wetzel July 18, 2019
Thank you Dancer33. I appreciate you teaching my dance and giving me your feedback. xx

Urban Fox July 19, 2019
Good interpretation of the music at beginner / intermediate level. Your hallmark finish at 12 o'clock. Well done. As with all your dances I watched how you yourself Julia preform the dance and cant help but notice how you live the music you choreograph steps for.

Julia1wetzel July 24, 2019
Thank you Urban Fox for noticing that I always try to end my dances at 12:00. In fact, I try to have the Tags/Restarts at 12:00 as well. ;) I'm all about the music and how it makes me feel when I choreograph. I'm glad that shows in my demos. Thanks a lot for checking out my dances and I appreciate your kind words. xx

Helaine September 7, 2019
Beautiful dance ! Can’t wait to teach it.

G Q September 12, 2019
great dance and everyone likes the music

Julia1wetzel September 13, 2019
Thank you very much for teaching my dance Lanie. xx

Julia1wetzel September 13, 2019
Thanks GQ for your kind words on my dance. :)

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