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Dream It Possible

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High Intermediate
Rhoda Lai (CAN) - June 2019
Dream it Possible (我的梦) - Jane Zhang (張靚穎)
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Intro: 8 counts
Notes: 4-count Tag at the end of Walls 1&3
TAG: 6-count Tag after 16 Counts during Wall 5

S1: R Press-Recover-Sweep, 1½ R, Forward L R, Touch L, Back L R, Touch L, ½ L, ¼ L R Side Rock-Recover-Sweep
&1Press R forward, Recover onto L sweeping R
2&3½ R stepping forward R, ½ R stepping back L, ½ R stepping forward R (while raising R arm forward & lifting L foot straight and behind) (6:00)
4&5Step forward L, step forward R, lock L behind R with weight remain on R (while raising L arm up)
6&7Step back L, step back R, touch L back (L arm at shoulder level pushing forward L hand as to “Stop”)
8&1Pivot ½ L stepping L in place, ¼ L rocking R to R side, recover onto L while sweeping R forward (9:00)

S2: R Cross-Back-Back, L Back-Back-Elbow, Sway L R L, R Forward ½ R ½ R
2&3Cross R over L, step L back, step R back kicking L foot forward (while swinging R arm back in a circular motion)
4&Step back L, step back R
5Hold (With L hand straight at shoulder level, pull R elbow back as in the ready position in Archery)
6&7Sway and rock forward and back on L R L
8&1Step forward R, ½ R stepping back L, ½ R stepping forward R while sweeping L from back to front

S3: L Jazz Box, R Jazz Box ¼ R, L Cross, R Side Rock, Weave ¼ L
2&3Cross L over R, step back R, step L to L diagonal back
4&5Cross R over L, ¼ R stepping back L, step R to R side (12:00)
6&7Cross L over R, rock R to R side, recover onto L
&8&1Cross R over L, step L to L side, step R behind L, ¼ L stepping forward L(9:00)
S4: Chase ½ L, Chase ⅜ R, R Forward Mambo, ⅛ L
2&3Step forward R, ½ L stepping L beside R, step forward R (3:00)
4&5Step forward L, ⅜ R stepping R beside L, step forward L (7:30)
6&7Rock R forward, recover onto L, step back R
8⅛ L stepping L to L side (square back to back wall) (6:00)

Tag at the end of Walls 1 (6:00) & 3 (3:00)
1Cross R over L while bending down as if the body is about to collapse
2 3 4Rock L to L side while straightening up, rock R to R side, ¼ L stepping L forward while lifting R foot behind

Tag during Wall 5 (3:00)
Dance up to count 8 in Section 2 of Wall 5,
&Step forward L
1 2 3 4Repeat Counts 1, 2, 3, 4 of the above Tag
5 6Cross R over L, unwind a full L turn with ending weight on L
and Restart the dance at 12:00.

Ending: During Wall 7, dance up to count 7 of Section 1, take a full turn to the L to face 12:00 on count 8.

Contact: - 1(647) 295-3833 -


starryyz July 9, 2019
I hope this dance does well. I feel like it delivers an important message <3. Kudos to you for recognizing that and bringing it to an international and universal platform.

Rhoda Lai July 20, 2019
"Dream...… it Possible!" A song that is inspirational and positive in nature. "It's not until you FALL THAT YOU FLY". "Never quit, never stop". To those who were touched by this music and dance, thanks for enjoying it. It is something that I had been long for to teach my child how to handle problems and failure. We just need to get up and try until we stand up strong and fly. :) Thanks for understanding me. Love to you @Starryyz. <3

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