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When The Night

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Tina Chen Sue-Huei (TW) & Juilin Chen (TW) - July 2019
Stand by Me - Geeno Smith : (Official Video)
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Start Dance After 32 Counts On Vocal.
Main Dance (32 Counts)
SI. Weave L Point To L – Weave R Point To R
1-4Cross RF Over LF, Side Step LF, Cross RF Behind LF, Point L Toe To L Side
5-8Cross LF Over RF, Side Step RF, Cross LF Behind RF, Point R Toe To R Side
SII. Fwd – ½ Pivot L – Fwd Shuffle – ½ R ¼ R – Fwd Shuffle
1-2Fwd Step RF, Pivot ½ L Turn (6.00) Fwd Step LF
3&4Fwd Shuffle On RLR
5-6½ R Turn Back Step LF (12.00), ¼ R Turn Side Step RF (3.00)
7&8Fwd Shuffle On LRL
SIII. K-Step
1-2Diag R Fwd Step RF, Touch L Toe Beside RF
3-4Diag L Back Step LF, Touch R Toe Beside LF
5-6Diag R Back Step RF, Touch L Toe Beside RF
7-8Diag L Fwd Step LF, Touch R Toe Beside LF
SIV. Fwd – ½ L ½ L – Back – Sway RLRL
1-2Fwd Step RF, ½ Pivot L Turn Fwd Step LF (9.00)
3-4½ L Back Step RF (3.00), Back Step LF
5-8Side Step RF & Sway RLRL
Happy Dancing!


nona July 11, 2019
Very nice Beginner dance!

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