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Strip That Down

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Doris Giebel (DE) & Frank Giebel (DE) - May 2019
Strip That Down (feat. Quavo) - Liam Payne
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No Tags, 1 Restart Wall 4 after 16 Counts -- Intro: 16 counts

Heel grind coaster Step Heel Grind ¼ Turn coaster step, R Heel Grind, R Coaster, L Heel Grind ¼ Turn L, L Coaster
1 - 2Right heel grind, recover left
3 & 4Step back R, step L next to R, step fwd R
5 - 6Left heel grind ¼ turn left, recover right
7 & 8Step back L, step R next to L, step fwd L

Rock Step, Recover, R Shuffle Back, ½ Turn Left, ¼ Turn Left, Behind Side Cross
1 - 2Rock fwd R, recover back L
3 & 4Step back on R, step L next to R, step back on R
5 - 6Make 1/2 turn Left stepping forward on Leftt toe, Make 1/4 turn Left stepping side on Right toe
7 & 8Cross left behind right, step right to right side, cross left over right

Side rock, & Side Hold, & side Hold, & Side Touch
1 - 2Rock right to right side, recover weight onto left
& 3-4Step R next to L, Step Side L, Hold with Snap
& 5–6Step R next to L, Step Side L, Hold with Snap
& 7–8Step R next to L, Step Side L, touch L next to R

Sway, Sway, Right Chasse, Cross, Side, Sailor ¼ turn
1 – 2Step right to right side swaying hips right, rock weight onto left swaying hips left
3 & 4Step right to right side, close left at side of right, step right to right side
5 – 6Cross L over R, step R to R side
7 & 8Cross L behind R, turn ¼ L stepping R next to L, step fwd on L

Finish:after wall 11 make Pivot 1/2 Turn
1 – 2Step forward right. Make ½ turn left onto L

Have fun an keep your smile



dl July 15, 2019
I love it!....and suitable for my senior class too :)

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