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She Don't Care Baby

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Upper Beginner
Kate Damgaard (DK) - June 2019
Count the Beers - Darius Rucker : (Album: When Was The Last time - iTunes)
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Intro: 16 counts from the main beat

Restarts: Wall 1 after 56 counts 6:00 - Wall 3 after 56 counts 6:00 - Wall 5 after 32 counts 12:00
Ending Section 3: Replace the Jazzbox 1/4 cross with Jazzbox 1/2 step fwd

Section 1: R Cross Point, Cross Point, Weave Point
1,2,3,4R cross i.f, L point side, L cross i.f., R point side,
5,6,7,8R cross i.f., L step side, R cross behind, L point side

Section 2: L Cross Point, Cross Point, Weave Point
1,2,3,4L cross i.f, R point side, R cross i.f., L point side,
5,6,7,8L cross i.f, R step side, L cross behind, R point side

Section 3: R Kick Point, Kick Point, Jazzbox 1/4 R Cross ...3:00
1,2,3,4R kick across, R point side, R kick across, R point side
5,6,7,8R step across i.f, L step back, turn 1/4 R by stepping R to side, L step across i.f.

Section 4: R Vine, Scuff, L Vine 1/4 L, Scuff ... 12:00
1,2,3,4R step side, L step behind, R step side, L scuff
5,6,7,8L step side, R step behind, turn 1/4 L step L fwd, R scuff
Restart wall 5

Section 5: Hip Bump R-L-R Diagonally, Scuff, Hip Bump L-R-L Diagonally, Scuff
1,2,3,4R hip fwd 1:30, L hip back 7:30, R hip fwd 1:30, L scuff fwd
5,6,7,8L hip fwd 10:30, R hip back 4:30, L hip fwd 10:30, R scuff fwd

Section 6: R Rock Fwd, Walk Back R-L, Walk Diagonally Back, Touch, Walk Diagonally Back, Touch
1,2,3,4R step fwd, L recover, R walk back, L walk back
5,6,7,8Angle body against 1:30 R step back, L touch, Angle body against 10:30 L step back, touch

Section 7: Step Turn 1/4 L, Touch Point, Step Turn 1/4 L, Touch Point ... 6:00
1,2,3,4R step fwd, turn 1/4 L weight ending on L, R touch, R point side
5,6,7,8R step fwd, turn 1/4 L weight ending on L, R touch, L point side
Restart walls 1 and 3

Section 8: Walk Fwd R-L-R, Point, Walk Back L-R-L, Point
1-8Walk fwd R-L-R, L point side, walk back L-R-L, R point side



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