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Beautiful Women – easy waltz

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Beginner waltz
Dorthe Michelsen (DK) - August 2019
Women (feat. Jason Derulo) - Florida Georgia Line
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Intro: 36 counts, start on vocals - No Tag – No Restart

Section 1: Step, Kick x2, Coaster step
1-2-3Step forward on left, kick forward twice with right
4-5-6Step back on right, step left together, step forward on right

Section 2: Step, ¼, Cross, Vine Right
1-2-3Step forward on left, ¼ turn right on right, cross left over right (3:00)
4-5-6Step right to the right side, cross left behind right, step right to the right side (3:00)

Section 3: L Twinkle, R Twinkle
1-2-3Cross left over right, step right to right side, recover weight to left (1:30)
4-5-6Cross right over left, step left to left side, recover weight to right (3:00)

Section 4: Cross, Point, Hold, Back, Point, Hold
1-2-3Cross left in front of right, point right toe to the right, hold
4-5-6Cross right behind left, point left toe to the left, hold

Start again

Ending: You will begin the dance for the final time facing 6:00.
In last section dance cross, point hold, then turn ¼ right forward putting weight on right, point left toe to the left, hold.


Jazzbox July 31, 2019
Love this waltz, would it be possible to post a demo video? It would make it easier to teach to my beginners as they often like to practice. Thank you.

Sandue September 23, 2019
I agree with everything Jazzbox said - wonderful waltz and I will be teaching (but would love a video - makes it easier). Thank you.

DortheM September 23, 2019
Thank you for your lovely comments. I've sent a demo video today.

Jazzbox September 23, 2019
Thank you so much. I will incorporate this lovely waltz in my classes at some point.

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