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Down To a T

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Chris Jacques (USA) - July 2019
To a T - Ryan Hurd
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Intro: 7 Counts

[1-8] Side w/ drag, Rock, Recover x2
1-2Take big step to R side, dragging L and touching next to R (1-2)
3,4Rock L over R (3); Recover weight on R (4)
5-6Take big step to L side, dragging R and touching next to L (5-6)
7,8Rock R over L (7); Recover weight on L (8)

[9-16] Side, Hold, Cross, ¼L Step back , Side, Hold, ¼L Side, Behind
1, 2Step R to R side (1); Hold (2)
3, 4Cross L over R (3); Rotate ¼L turn, stepping back on R (4)
5, 6Step L to L side (5); Hold (6)
7, 8Rotate ¼L turn, stepping R to R side (7); Cross L behind R (8)

[17-24] Side, Sway, Sway, Side w/ hitch, Hold, Behind, ¼L Forward
1-2Take big step to R side (1-2)
3, 4Step L to L side, swaying hips to L (3); Sway hips R, pressing weight R (4)
5-6Step L to L side, hitching R (5); Hold (6)
7, 8Cross R behind L (7); Rotate ¼L turn, stepping forward on L (8)

[25-32] Step forward, Hold, ½L Half Pivot, Step Forward, ½L Turn x2
1, 2Step forward on R (1); Hold (2)
3, 4Step forward on L (3) Make ½L turn, transferring weight onto R (4)
5, 6Step forward on L (5); Hold (6)
7, 8Rotate ½L turn stepping back on R (7) ½L turn stepping forward on L (8)
(Non-spinning option: 2 walks forward R, L)

Restarts on walls 2 and 6 after 16 counts

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