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Head Over Heels

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Wayne Beazley (AUS) - August 2019
Head over Heels - Daniel Lee : (iTunes, Spotify)
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#36 count intro, Start feet together weight on L - No Tags/Restarts

S 1: Freeze R, Side Shuffle, Rock, Recover
1234Step R to side, Step L behind R, Step R to side, Step L across R
5&6Side Shuffle to R – Stepping RLR
78Rock L Behind R, Recover weight on R

S 2: Freeze L, Side Shuffle, Rock, Recover
1234Step L to side, Step R behind, Step L to side, Step R across L
5&6Side Shuffle to L – Stepping LRL
78Rock R behind L, Recover weight onto L

S 3: Heel Strut, Rock fwd, Recover, Toe Strut back, Rock back, Recover
12Step R Heel fwd, Place Toes down
34Rock L fwd, Recover weight on R
56Step L Toes back, Place Heel down
78Rock R back, Recover weight on L

S 4: 2 x 1/8L Paddles, R Jazz Box Step
12Step R fwd, Paddle turn 1/8 L
34Step R fwd, Paddle turn 1/8 L (9 o'clock)
56Step R across L, Step L back
78Step R to R side, Step L across R

Ending: To finish the dance, on wall 13 (facing 3 o'clock), do first 16 counts then add 2 x 1/8 L Paddles to finish at front wall.



Squidgy August 3, 2019
And another good one. :-D Thank you, Wayne. :-D I love the songs you choose to choreograph to. You are introducing us to Country singers we might not otherwise ever get to hear about. Thank you. :-D x

Beez August 4, 2019
Glad you like Squidgy.
Please share.

Squidgy August 4, 2019
Yep. I share all your dances on Facebook. :-D

Beez August 4, 2019
Thanks, much appreciated.
Send me an email.

jordie August 9, 2019
Good job Wayne, smooth chorey, all the best with your dance..

mrssno August 11, 2019
I just learned this great dance at the Gridiron in Swansea, Massachusetts on Wednesday night.

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