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Karl-Harry Winson (UK) - August 2019
Playboys - Midland : (Album: Let It Roll)
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Intro: 16 Counts (start on the lyrics “Right Place”)

Choreographers Note: Due to the unique phrasing of the music there are a few walls where you will have to take off the last 4 counts of the dance. Once you are familiar with the music the dance will fall into place and seem straight forward.

Side. Close. Right Side Shuffle. Left Cross Rock. Shuffle 1/4 Turn Left.
1-2Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right.
3&4Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right. Step Right to Right side.
5-6Cross Rock Left over Right. Recover weight on Left.
7&8Step Left to Left side. Close Right beside Left. Turn 1/4 Left stepping Left forward (9.00)

Full Turn Left. Right Mambo/Sweep. Sweep-Step Back X2. Left Coaster Cross.
1-2Turn 1/2 Left stepping Right back (3.00). Turn 1/2 Left stepping Right forward (9.00)
3&4Rock Right forward. Recover weight on Left. Step Right back and sweep Left around from front to back.
5-6Step Left back sweeping Right around. Step Right back sweeping Left around.
7&8Step Left back. Step Right beside Left. Cross step Left over Right. (9.00)

Side-Close. Right Shuffle Forward. Left Forward Rock. Sailor 1/2 Turn Left.
1-2Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right.
3&4Step Right forward. Close Left beside Right. Step forward on Right.
5-6Rock forward on Left. Recover weight on Right
7&8Cross Left behind Right turning 1/2 Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left (3.00)

Walk Forward Right, Left. Right Syncopated Rocking Chair. Forward Rock. Point. Behind-Side-Touch.
1-2Walk forward Right. Walk forward Left (3.00)
3&Rock forward on Right. Recover weight on Left.
4&Rock back on Right. Recover weight forward on Left.
*RESTART HERE ON WALLS: 3 (9.00), 5 (3.00), 6 (6.00) and 10 (6.00).
5&6Rock forward on Right. Recover weight on Left. Point Right toe out to Right side.
7&8Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to Left side. Touch Right beside Left.

Start Again!

*RESTART: During Walls 3, 5, 6 and 10, dance 28 Counts and Restart from the beginning.

**TAG: At the end of Wall 4 (12.00) add on the following 4 Counts.
Hip Sways X4
1 – 4Sway Hips, Right, Left, Right, Left.



Ce23 August 7, 2019
Thanks for this Karl. Great dance and very easy to do with some catchy country music!

Partiappy August 8, 2019
Thanks for this new dance. Love it. Very enjoyable. Just did:

Pony Chen August 9, 2019
Thanks Karl.

nona August 11, 2019
Karl, looking at section 2: 1-2 (Full turn Left) Turn 1/2 left stepping R back (3:00). Turn 1/2 left stepping R fwd...shouldn't this step be "Stepping L fwd"??? Then 3&4 - R Mambo/Sweep..

ROSIE August 11, 2019
great dance Karl.

Maika September 18, 2019
I love it! Another great dance from you that we will enjoy doing in our part of NZ!

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