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Laura Sway (UK) & Rob Fowler (ES) - August 2019
Angelina - Michael English
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Count in: 32 counts

[1-8] R side touch, L side touch, Rock R side recover, cross.hold.
1234-Step Right to Right side, touch Left beside Right, Step Left to Left side, touch right beside Left.
5678-Rock Right to Right side, recover into Left, cross Right over Left, Hold

[9-16] Left side strut, Right cross strut, Step ¼ turn Step Left, hold.
1234-Left toe strut to Left side, Right toe strut across Left
5678-Step Left to Left side, pivot ¼ turn right, step forward on Left, hold. (3.00)

[17-24] R Step lock step, Brush, L step lock step, Brush.
1234-Step forward on Right, lock left behind right, step forward on Right, Brush Left
5678-Step forward on Left, lock right behind Left, step forward on Left, Brush right

[25-32] R mambo forward, hold, Left coaster Step, hold.
1234-Rock forward on Right, recover, Step Right to Left, hold.
5678-Step back on Left, step Right to Left, step forward on Left, hold.

[33-40] walking ¾ turn R, stepping R hold, L hold, walk RLR Hold.
1234-start walking around ¾ turn over right, stepping Right Hold, Left Hold.
5678-Step Right Left Right, Hold. (12.00)

[41-48] L Step forward touch, R step back touch, L coaster step, hold.
1234-Step forward to Left diagonal, touch right to Left (clap) Step Right diagonally back on Right, touch Left to Right (clap)
5678-Step back on Left, step Right to Left, step forward on the Left, Hold.

[49-56] R step forward touch, L step back touch, R coaster step, hold.
1234-Step forward to right diagonal, touch Left to Right (clap) Step Left diagonally back on Left, touch right (clap)
5678-Step back on Right, step Left to Right, step forward on the right, Hold.

[57-64] L mambo ½ turn, step ¼ turn, touch R.
1234-Rock forward on the Left, recover on Right, step forward on Left making ½ turn over right. Hold.
5678-Step forward Right. Pivot ¼ Left, touch right to Left, hold.

TAGS: There are 3 easy Tags, at the end of walls 2,4 & 6.
1234-Twist both heels Right, Hold, Twist both heels Left, hold
5678-Twist both heels to the the right, Left, Right, Left.


Mona from Denmark August 23, 2019
Sektion 8: Is it "making ½ turn over left. Hold...…. all the Demo´s do it but the stepsheet says "over right"..... Lovely dance, gonna use it on my classes this season...

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