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Soul Shake

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Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - August 2019
Soul Shake - Tommy Castro
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Intro – 80 Count from start of track, on Lyrics

[1-8] Grapevine L, Chasse L, Rock back, Recover
1-4Step LF to L, step RF behind L, step LF to L, cross RF over L
5&6Step LF to L, close RF next to L, step LF to L,
7,8Rock RF behind L, recover on L

[9-16] Monterey Turns x 2
1,2Point RF to R, ¼ turn R closing RF next to L
3,4Point LF to L, close LF next to R
5,6Point RF to R, ¼ turn R closing RF next to L
7,8Point LF to L, close LF next to R (Add Claps when you collect feet)

[17-24] Rock Recover, Behind, Rock Recover, Behind, Side, Cross
1-4Rock RF to R, recover on to L, step RF behind L, rock LF to L
5-8Recover on to R, step LF behind R, step RF to R, cross LF over R

[25-32] Stomp, Heel Toe Walk in x2
1-4Stomp RF forward to R diagonal, swivel L heel in, swivel L toe in, swivel L heel in
5-8Stomp LF forward to L diagonal, swivel R heel in, swivel R toe in, swivel R heel in

[33-40] Twist R, Clap, Twist L, Clap
1-4Twist both heels to R, twist both toes to R, twist both heels to R, clap
5-8Repeat to L side (body ends on slight diagonal 7.30)

[41-48] Toe Strut x2, Walk x 2, Step forward, Pivot ¼ Turn L
1-4Touch R toe forward, step R heel down, touch L toe forward, step L heel down (keep body on angle to R diagonal)
5-8Walk forward R, L, R, pivot ¼ turn L placing weight on L

[49-56] Step Point, Step Scuff, Jazzbox
1-4Step RF forward, point LF to L, step LF forward, scuff RF forward
5-8Cross RF over L, step LF back, step RF to R, cross LF over R

[57-64] Toe Heel x2, Step, Close, Heel Bounces x2
1-4Touch R toe to R, touch R heel to R, touch R toe to R, touch R heel to R
5-8Step RF forward, close LF next to R, bounce heels x2

Smile, Let the music take control 

Last Update – 23 Aug. 2019

27 MAY '20 100


Sassy Stepper August 14, 2019
Listening to this music and reading the step sheet at 5 in the morning and I want to dance. Fun music and dance! Thank you Fred!

cass August 14, 2019
Loved this dance such fun

Kato August 14, 2019
Fabulous! What a blast! A real feel good dance and track. Thanks Fred. Just what we all need at the moment! Xx

ROSIE August 15, 2019
Great fun dance Fred a real feel good boost.

Partiappy August 15, 2019
Big thanks. Just Learnt:

Mr. Bill August 21, 2019
Reading the step sheet,,,, I count 80 count intro not 60.
You reference one clock direction counts 5-8 in section Twist R Clap Twist L Clap you say 1:30??????? I'm thinking 7:30
Next section you have walk forward RLR and pivot turn 1/4 turn R.. All the videos are turning L here..
Hope this helps and just keep the great dances coming.

Beauvale August 23, 2019
Love the track and the dance

EllieMae September 10, 2019
Sorry for late review. Kato says it all. Dance and enjoy.

lulubelle September 17, 2019
What a lovely, lively dance! Great stuff!

Nigel H (Spain) September 27, 2019
Very enjoyable and intetesting dance. Good fun

Dancer2310 October 4, 2019
Love love love this dance, I’ve taught it in all my classes, from beginner through intermediate/advanced, and all love it!
Thank you so much Fred, you’ve really brought the fun back with this cracking dance!

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