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Desperate Man

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Rex Chuan (USA) - August 2019
Desperate Man - Eric Church
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Start: after 16 counts of introduction, with vocal.

S1: Hip pump R-L, Ball Step, Walk, Walk, Heel Swivel and Stomp, Heel Swivel and Stomp, Ball Step
1 2&3 4Step RF R and pump R hip(1), step LF L and pump L hip(2), step RF under the weight(&), step LF forward(3), step RF forward(4)
5&6&7Step LF forward(5), pop knees and raise heels up(&), swivel L quarter turn and stomp heels(6), pop knees and raise heels up(&), swivel L quarter turn and stomp heels(7)
&8Step RF tegather(&), cross LF(8) (6:00)

S2: Tap and Hitch, Back Step, Side Step, Back Cross, Side Step, Cross Tap, Side Step, Cross Step
1&23&Tap RF diagonally(1), hitch RF(&), step RF backward(2), step RF L(3), cross LF behind LF(&), hold 4
5 6 7 8Step RF R(5), tap LF across RF(6), step LF L(7), tap RF across LF(8) (6:00)

S3: Ball Step, Turn and Forward on Toe, Back, Forward on Toe, Hitch, Rock Forward, Recover, Back and Knee Pop, Together, Back and Knee Pop
&1 2Step RF together(&), L ⅛ turn and step LF on toe(1), step RF slightly back(2)
3 4Step LF slightly forward on toe(3), hitch RF(4)
5 6Rock RF forward(5), recover(6)
7&8Step RF backward and pop L knee(7), step LF together(&), step RF backward and pop L knee (4:30)

S4; Turn and Tap Side, Sway, Sway and Turn, Scuff, Cross, Back Lock Step x2, Unwind
1 2L ⅛ turn and tap LF L(1), sway L(2)
3&R quarter turn(3), scuff LF(&), hold 4 with LF on air
5&6&Cross LF around R leg(5), step RF backward(&), cross LF around R leg(6), step RF backward(&)
7 8Cross LF around R leg(7), unwind ¾ turn(8) (3:00)

Restart: after 16 counts of the third wall, restart facing 12:00

Enjoy the dance!


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