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City Lights (aka Yo Ay Yo)

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David Hoyn (AUS) & Friend - May 2018
City Lights by Kenny Johnson
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Section 1: Reverse Rumba Box.
1 - 4Step right to right side. Close left to right. Step back on right foot. Hold
5 - 8Step left to left side. Close right to left. Step forward on right. Hold

Section 2: Two Hip Walks. (Yo Ah Yo Sound effects)
1 - 4Rock right hip forward - back - forward take weight on right foot. Hold.
5 - 8Rock left hip forward -back -forward take weight onto left foot. Hold

Section 3: Chassé 1/4 turn Rt. Chase 1/2 turn Rt.
1 - 4Step right to right side. Close left to right. 1/4 turn right on right. Hold
5 - 8Step forward on left. Pivot 1/2 turn right. Step forward on Left. Hold

Section 4: Full Turn Right (Easy option 3 walks). Rock Fwrd, Recover, Step Back.
1 - 4Step Frwd on Rt. 1/2 turn Rt stepping on left. 1/2 turn Rt stepping right. Hold.
5 - 8Rock forward on Left. Recover on Right. Step back on Left. Hold.

#12 Count Tag Danced x 3 during musical interlude.
At the end of walls 2 & 5 (facing back)
At the end of wall 6 (facing front)
Tag: 1/2 Monterey Turn x 2. Step Kick x 2
1 - 2Point right foot to right side. Reverse 1/2 turn stepping on Right foot.
3 - 4Point Left foot to left side. Step Left Foot back to place.
5 - 8Repeat Montery 1/2 Turn.
9 - 12Step Right to right side. Kick Left over Rt. Step Left to Left Side. Kick Rt over Left.

Thanks to Philip Sobriello for the introduction of some crazy sound effects !!


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