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Dancing in the Rain

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Denice Machado (USA) & Lynn Funk (USA) - September 2019
Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Willie Nelson and Paula Nelson
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Intro: 16 counts from beginning of music to just before word “Someone”
Also works well with "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by Creedence Clearwater Revival and by Rod Stewart

Back Point Steps
1-2Right Foot Point to Right; Step Right Foot slightly behind Left Foot.
3-4Left Foot Point to Left; Step Left Foot slightly behind Right Foot.
5-8Repeat Steps. 1-4

Angled Prissy Walk
1-2Step with Right Toe forward and angle body facing slightly Left; step down on Right foot, next to the Left foot.
3-4Step with Left Toe forward and angle body facing slightly Right; step down on Left foot, next to Right foot.
5-8Repeat Steps. 1-4.

Grapevines with Points
1-4Step Right foot to the Right; Step Left foot behind Right foot; Step Right foot to the right; Point Left foot to the Left.
5-8Step Left foot to the Left; Step Right foot behind Left foot; Step Left foot out to the left; Point Right foot to the Right.

Paddle Turns with a Jazz Box Cross
1-4Step Right forward and Paddle turn 1/4; Step Right foot forward and Paddle turn ¼ Making a 1/2 turn.
5-8Jazz Box: Step Right foot over Left foot; step back on Left foot; step Right foot to the right; cross; Left foot over Right foot.

Start Over Again. No Tags; No Restarts. Enjoy!

At the End, you will be facing the front wall. Dance through the first 28 counts and then just paddle all the way around to the front.

To make this a 4 wall dance, add a turn on the grapevine to the Left. That would make Steps 5-8 as follows: Step Left foot to the Left; Step Right foot behind Left foot; then as you Step Left foot out, turn to the Left; and then Point Right foot to the Right. Continue the last 8 counts as written.


Last Update: 27 Apr 2023


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