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You Say

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Absolute Beginner
Sherry Kemp (USA) - September 2019
You Say - Lauren Daigle
Feeling Good (Joel Corry Remix) - Nina Simone & Joel Corry
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You Say:* One tag/restart
Start on vocals.

Feeling Good: no restart/ tag
Begin on vocals “Good” after Feeling

Diagonal step touch forward and back, step together, step, brush.
1,2 3,4Rf diagonally forward, Lf touch alongside. Lf back, Rf touch alongside Lf.
5,6,7,8Rf step forward diagonally right, Lf step together, Rf step forward, Lf brush left

Diagonal step touch forward and back, step together, step, brush.
1,2,3,4Lf diagonally forward, Rf touch alongside. Rf back, Lf touch alongside Rf.
5,6,7,8Lf step forward diagonally, Rf step together, Lf step forward, Rf brush forward

Jazz box, brush, left jazz box 1/4 turn.
1-8Rf cross Lf, Lf step back, Rf step to r side, Lf brush forward, Lf cross Rf, Rf step back, Lf step 1/4 left, Rf touch alongside Lf

K step
1-8Rf step diagonal right forward, Lf touch to Rf, Lf step diagonal left back, Rf touch to Lf, Rf step diagonal right back, Lf touch to Rf, Lf step diagonal left forward, Rf touch to Lf,
*Tag/restart here: One tag of double count V step at 4th 12 o’clock wall during 8 count instrumental. After K step, 1,2 Rf step right diagonal, 3,4 Lf step left diagonal, 5,6 Rf step back center, 7,8 Lf step alongside Rf. Restart

Start over

**End: On the 5th 3 o'clock wall, at 7th count of K step, turn Lf to 12 o’clock and Rf toe touch behind heel on 8th count with arms extended slightly to sides with open palms upward facing inward.


Last Update - 4 Aug 2023


catman September 9, 2019
Sorry--this step sheet makes no sense. Where's the tag? The counts are either fast or slow, but as counted they make up 8. Slower than what? I don't see another V step.

Sandue September 12, 2019
Nice dance for new dancers to learn K Steps and slow diagonal shuffles (or as I call them - basic diagonals), turning jazz boxes and the V Step was an added bonus. Thanks.

S. K. September 14, 2019
Thank you, Sandy, it is nice to know the efforts and time are appreciated and useful.
This dance is very adaptable to various music.

Jazzbox September 24, 2019
It would be clearer in the bold descriptor to say the following:
S1 Diagonal Step Touches with Right Forward Slide with Brush (or Right Diagonal Step, Slide Together with Brush)
S2 Diagonal Step Touches with Left Forward Slide with Brush (Or Left Diagonal Step, Slide Together with Brush)
Your description of the diagonal step together, step brush is clear but it would be better to also make it clear in the header. Shuffle means many things in line dancing and using it in your header is a little misleading. Sandue's basic diagonals label is clearer.

Your step sheet is generally clear although I agree with catman that it would be better to simply say the v-step will be 8 counts (1,2-3,4-5,6-7,8). I'm not sure a novice would get the subtlety of the 1&2, 3&4. But I could be wrong. I'm not a choreographer but I do look at step sheets for clarity, especially if I plan to use a dance in my class. Students need precision.

I like the dance. It's very good. I doubt I'd use You Say and would rather teach it without a restart. I like the fact that students get taught a right jazz box and a left jazz box in the same dance--it's terrific! Your efforts and time are much appreciated. Nice dance!

S. K. September 25, 2019
Jazzbox, thank you for your appreciation of this incredibly adaptable dance which resulted a bonus for me and all dancers. Music inspires what is created and provided for all to enjoy, and from inception to dispersement is a gift.
All things created have a birthplace; You Say is that for this dance and provided an excellent AB option for split floor advanced version and must be acknowledged for identification. There is no slide in this dance nor a restart. The first two eight counts could be labeled as step touches and basic diagonals, however, the detailed description is exact as the video also demonstrates. The “V”step is a tag to fill in a brief and slower instrumental section that can be of any count, but does not interrupt the dance sequence as a restart since this dance begins with the step touches. The V slower step tag is reflected in the count differential and necessary for this particular music. As first a dancer, it was important to me for stepsheets to be less intimidating and easier understood. This was written with dancers in mind and by personal reports, is. There are dances with discrepancies e.g. Little Charleston that jumps count from 5-6 to 3-4, Country Bump labeling 1/4 pivots x2 but described 1/8 pivots, yet the dances continue to be enjoyed beyond their perceived flaws or misunderstanding - much like life. I am excited with the diversity of this dance and hope it will be the gift that keeps giving!

Jazzbox September 25, 2019
It is a great dance and I stand corrected on the tag. Although true that other dances have quirks, it's best to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible when dealing with ultra beginners. There a lots of good dances with multiple tags or restarts but I generally won't use them with ultra beginners. For me, it's a lovely dance that I'll teach to other music, no tag needed.

Stayin Alive June 6, 2020
Nice dance!

S. K. June 6, 2020
Thank you!

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