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Touch of Mexico

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Daniel Whittaker (UK) - September 2019
Mexican Girl - Touch of Class
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Start dance: 42 second intro / 84 counts
Tags: See notes at bottom of sheet

[1-8] Forward tap, slow coaster rock step, rock step, ¼ turn Chasse
1-2Step right forward, touch left beside right - 12:00
3-4Step left back, close right beside left - 12:00
5-6Rock left foot forward, recover weight on right - 12:00
7&8¼ turn left chasse left stepping L-R-L - 09:00

[9-16] Weave, point, ¾ turn shuffle
1-4Step right over left, step left to left side, step right behind left, point left to left side - 09:00
5-6Step left over right, ¼ turn left stepping back right - 06:00
7&8Shuffle ½ turn left stepping L-R-L - 12:00

[17-24] Rock step right, right coaster step, step ¼ turn, cross shuffle
1-2Rock right foot forward, recover weight on left - 12:00
3&4Step right back, close left beside right, step right foot forward - 12:00
5-6Step left foot forward, making 1⁄4 turn right - 03:00
7&8Step left over right, step right to right side, step left over right - 03:00

[25-32] Side together, shuffle forward, side together, coaster step
1-2Step right to right side, step left beside right 03:00
3&4Shuffle forward R-L-R - 03:00
5-6Step left to left side, close right beside left - 03:00
7&8Left coaster step, stepping L-R-L - 03:00

Tag: 4 count tag at end of walls 1, 5, 6
1-4Bump hips right, left, right, left

Tag: 8 count tag at the end of wall 3 (Facing 9’ O Clock wall)
1-4Bump hips right, left, right, left
5-8Step right forward, pivot ½ turn left, step right forward, pivot ½ turn left

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Sassy Stepper September 17, 2019
Where is the cross, SIDE, cross in the video from section 3? I'm seeing cross, step behind, step in front.

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