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Cardiac Jive

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Adrian Churm (UK) - September 2019
Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues - The Charlie Daniels Band
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Alt. music: Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues by the Sky devils (165bpm)
start on vocals if not using intro

Optional 16 count Intro before for the main dance starts. You can add an intro by dancing section 7 and 8 first but change the jazz box ¼ turns x2 in section 8 to jazz box ½ turns x2

Sec 1: Step diagonal forward, twist right heel & toe in, touch, chasse right rock back, recover.
1 – 4Step left forward to left diagonal, twist right heel in, twist right toe in, touch right next to left.
5&6Chasse to the right (R,L,R)
7 – 8Rock left behind right, recover forward onto right. [12]

Sec 2: Left & right side chasse making a ¼ turn right, cross rock, recover, side, cross, hold
1&2Chasse to left L,R,L making 1/8th turn right.
3&4Chasse right R,L,R making 1/8th turn right.
5 – 6Rock left across right, recover back onto right.
&7 – 8Step left to the side, step right across left, hold. [3]

Sec 3: Side rock recover, sailor ¼ turn left, rock forward recover, ½ turn right, ¼ hitch turn right
1 – 2Rock left out to the left side, recover onto right
3&4Cross left behind right, ¼ turn left stepping right to the side (small step), step left forward.
5 – 6Rock right foot forward, recover back onto left preparing to turn right.
7 – 8½ turn right step right forward, ¼ turn right hitching left knee up. [9]

Sec 4: Weave right, ¼ turn right, rock forward, recover, coaster step.
1 – 2Step left across right, step right to the side.
3 – 4Step left behind right, ¼ right stepping right foot forward.
5 – 6rock left forward, recover back onto right.
7&8Step left foot back, close right next to left, step left forward. [12]

Sec 5: Kick forward, kick side, touch. Kick (right diagonal), behind, side, across, kick (left diagonal)
1 – 2Kick right forward and across left, kick right out to the right side.
3 – 4Touch right next to left, kick right out to the right diagonal.
(note: option, try and put a little bounce on all 4 counts in the standing left foot for a true jive rhythm).
5 – 6Step right behind left, step left to the side
7 – 8Step right across left, kick left to left diagonal. [12]

Sec 6: Side, behind, triple cross, rock, recover a ¼ turn left, triple forward
1 – 2Step left behind right, step right to the side
3&4Step left across right, right small step to the side (ball of foot), step left across right.
5 – 6Rock right to the right side, ¼ turn left recovering onto left foot
7 &8Triple step forward R,L,R. [9]

Sec 7: Slow jazz box with finger clicks
1 – 4Step left across right, hold, step right back, hold.
5 – 8Step left to the side, hold, step right small step forward hold. [9]
(click fingers on both hands at shoulder height on each hold count, 2,4,6,8).

Sec 8: Jazz box ¼ turns x2
1 – 4Step left across right, step right foot back, ¼ turn left stepping left to the side, step right forward.
5 – 8Step left across right, step right foot back, ¼ turn left stepping left to the side, step right forward. [3]
(Option after counts 1 and 5 you can add in a small scoot back making the count 1&2,3,4 5&6,7,8)

Ending. wall 8, section 3, counts 3&4 (1/4 turn sailor) do not turn the sailor step then walk forward for 2 counts.


nona September 20, 2019
Awesome choreography Adrian! Cardiac Jive it is!!!! LOL!

ROSIE September 22, 2019
Another great JIVE from Adrian,really enjoyed dancing and teaching it.


Yada September 24, 2019
Quality choreography! Excellent.

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