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Brown Eyed Girl

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High Beginner
Denice Machado (USA) & Lynn Funk (USA) - September 2019
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
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Intro: Dance starts about 14 seconds into the music just before the vocals.

Forward Rumba Box:
1-4Step Right Foot to Right; Step Left Foot beside Right; Step Right Foot forward; Step Left Foot beside Right Foot.
5-8Step Left Foot to the Left; Step Right Foot next to Left Foot; Step Left foot back; Step Right Foot beside Left Foot.

Side Behind with 1/2 turn Hitch x 2:
1-4Step Right Foot to the Right; Step Left Foot behind Right Foot; Step Right Foot to the Right with 1/4 turn to the Right; Hitch Left knee and continue 1/4 turn to the Right.
5-8Step Down on Left Foot; Step Right Foot behind Left Foot; Step Left Foot out starting a 1/4 turn to Left; continue another 1/4 turn to Left and Hitch Right Knee.

Rock/Recover with 1/2 Pivot and Behind Side Cross to The Right:
1-4Step Right Foot to the R and rock and Recover on Left Foot and Pivot 1/2 to Right; stepping on Right foot after Pivot; Hold.
5-8Step Left foot behind right foot; Step Right foot to Right; Step Left foot across Right Foot; Hold.

Rock/Recover and Weave to Left::
1-4Rock Right Foot to Right; Recover on to Left Foot; Step Right Foot behind the Left Foot; Step Left foot to the Left;
5-8Cross Rock Right Foot across Left foot; Rock Back on Left Foot; Step Right Foot to Right; Cross Left Foot over Right Foot.

Start Over Again. No Tags; No Restarts. Enjoy!

Our Thank You to Hutch and Carmel Hutchinson, who helped us get unstuck on this dance.



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