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Hope & Faith

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Improver waltz
Tina Argyle (UK) - October 2019
Faith's Song - Amy Wadge
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Count In : 24 counts start on the word “needed” - Clockwise

S1: L Vine ¼ Turn. Slow ½ Pivot Turn
1,2,3Step L to left side, cross R behind L, make ¼ turn left stepping fwd L (9 o’clock)
4,5,6Step fwd R, make slow ½ pivot turn left onto L (3 o’clock)

S2: Rock Fwd Recover, ½ Turn onto R, Slow ¼ Pivot Turn
1,2,3Rock fwd R, recover weight onto L, make ½ turn right stepping fwd R (9 o’clock)
4,5,6Step fwd L make slow ¼ turn right onto R (12 o’clock)

S3: L Twinkle Step. R Twinkle ¼ Turn
1,2,3Cross L over R, step R to R side, step L to L side
4,5,6Cross R over L, make ¼ turn right stepping back L, step R to R side (3 o’clock)

S4: L Twinkle ½ Turn. Cross Rock, Recover Side
1,2,3Cross L over R, make ¼ turn left stepping back R, make ¼ turn left stepping L to L side (9 o’clock)
4,5,6Cross rock R over left, recover, Step R to right side

S5: Diagonal Step Hitch, Coaster Step
1,2,3Step L fwd into right hand corner of 9 o’clock wall, Hitch R knee over 2 counts lowering head, clench fists and bring up towards face
4,5,6Step back R, step back L, step fwd R

S6: Diagonal Step, Kick, Kick, Diagonal ½ Turn
1,2,3Step fwd L into same corner again, kick R fwd twice lifting extending arms out palms up
4,5,6Step back R, make ½ turn left stepping fwd. L, step fwd R into right hand corner of 3 o’clock

S7: Diagonal Step Fwd L , Hold with Extended Toe Back, 1/8th Turn Coaster Cross
1,2,3Step fwd L into right corner of 3 o’clock wall, leave right leg straight back with toe pointed to floor bring both hands into the chest
On the tag walls when she sings “breathing” bring both hands up to the mouth instead of chest
4,5,6Square up to 3 o’clock wall stepping back R, step back L, cross R over left

TAG End of Walls 3,4 & 6
Side Rock, Cross. Scissor Step
1,2,3Rock L to left side, recover, cross L over R
4,5,6Step R to right side, close L at side of R, cross R over L

Wall 7 the dance finishes with the slow ½ pivot turn to face 12o ’clock then step fwd R

Hugs to Nadine Somers for this track xx

Last Update - 8 Oct. 2019


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