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Heart Body & Soul

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Yvonne Anderson (SCO), Ira Weisburd (USA) & Ruben Luna (USA) - October 2019
Far to Go - Ronnie Beard
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Genre: Country Line Dance
Introduction: 16 count instr., start on vocal @ approx. 11 sec.

1-2Rock L across R, Recover weight on R
3&4Step L to L, Step-close R beside L, Step L to L
5-6Rock R across L, Recover weight on L
7&8Step R to R, Step-close L beside R, Step R to R

1-2Step L across R, Step R to R
3-4Step L Behind R, Sweep R out and around from front to back
5-6Step R behind L, make 1/4 Turn L stepping L forward (9:00)
7&8Step R forward, Step L behind R , Step R forward

1-2Rock L forward, Recover weight on R
3-4Rock L back, Recover weight on R
5-6Step L forward, Pivot 1/4 Turn R (12:00)
7-8Step L forward, Pivot 1/4 Turn R onto R (3:00)

1-2Step L across R, Point R toes to R
3-4Step R across L, Point L toes to L (Note: Counts 1-4 travel forward)
5-6Step L across R, Step R back
7-8Rock L to L, Recover weight on R


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4 JUL '22 100


NancyH October 9, 2019
Beautiful song and dance!

nona October 9, 2019
Thanks you for this lovely Beginner Line Dance!

sioux October 9, 2019
Thank you for teaching this cute dance in Malta Yvonne ...think it will be a stayer Lots of Love Sue xxx

KBF October 10, 2019
Another winner! Thanks!

Sir Dancelot October 11, 2019
Thank you all for your comments. We would like to share with you some of the wonderful responses we've had to this dance in just the first 24 hours:

TY!! again....for a really beautiful dance and music!! I remember Ronnie Beard as being one of the first artists who did music for line dances....and yes, it was, Por Ti Sere. Jo was one of the first choreographers that I knew I wanted to: take her classes, dance with her at events, do her dances and now teach her dances. I met Yvonne in Laughlin at a couple of Doug and Jackie's events. I LOVE her "City Limits" dance and her CD's that I bought. Beautiful voice!! Ruben Luna was nice enough to request "Higher and Higher" in Palm Springs at an event. I had requested it each open dance session and it wasn't until he requested it, it was played. The dance FILLED the floor. He danced beside me and when it was over he said, "We needed that!" And now it's Ira who is so generous with teachers and dancers and gives me/us the opportunity to teach his dances!! What a GREAT collaboration.....great dance.....great music!!! God Bless Line Dancing and those who belong to this "Extended Family"!!
Judee in Arizona

Hi Ira,

I’m George from the Netherlands The Stagecoach Dancers or Amy and friends, I like this dance it’s an easy level line -dance so every beginner can do this dance,
I like the music , thank you for sending it and maybe I see you in Holland again,
greetings from George Kepel, Netherlands.

Hello Ira!
I just listened to the song.... I'M MELTING!
A beautiful text and melodi!!! The artist has a warm ,nice voice.
The dance have I already seen and tried . Very good! Thank you Ira!
Toril from Norway

Great dance, beautiful music! Look forward to dancing it. Really looking forward to class on Tuesday!
A little belated, Happy, health New Year.
Nancy Kashman

Superbe danse Ira
Je vais la faire en cours demain
Nadine, France

Hello Ira,

What a beautiful, beautiful song and dance. Well done!!!. I cannot wait to teach this dance.


Hi Ira,

So great to hear from you. your co-host new dance are simply great. Will definitely teach most likely tomorrow, meanwhile I will forward your email to our fellow instructors hopefully they will teach it too.

Thank you very much for sharing. keep in touch.


love it
Gus Moster

Berry good
Rosaire et Nicole
Quebec Canada

Sir Dancelot October 11, 2019
Comments keep coming !!

Thanks, Ira, for a lovely song and dance.
(from SoCal)

Hi Ira,
Fantastic dance. Taught it this morning and the dancers loved it.
Thanks so much!!
We love your dances!!!!

Thanks Ira. A very nice beginner dance and we love the music.
John & Marilyn Gomez

Hi Ira, thank you sooo much another beautiful line dance and music. I learned it already on the weekend on YouTube. Now I have the Music also.
I love it and I am sure will everybody else. That is exactly what we all needed.
Thank you again..Ingrid

Hi Ira

Love the music Ira. I am flying out tonight to catch my Asia line dance cruise. I’ll add the dance to my teach list. You send this out just in time. You have been traveling so much. I enjoy your travels on Facebook. I was recently thinking that I hadn’t gotten a new dance from you in ages, and this morning I got one.

Thanks so much.
~ Millie

Hey Chickadee-

Wow- there is SO MUCH in this email and I knew you would want to know about it right away! This is the first I’ve heard from Ira in quite some time. Probably because he’s been traveling the world... Love the dance

Sir Dancelot October 11, 2019
Thank you for all your views, votes and comments:

Thank You Ira, I love the music and will learn the dance I am anxious to share with the dance class.

Hi Ira, I will teach the dance here in Reno after Halloween, thank you, keep on truckin' Ken Reno Nv.

So exciting. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to teach it.
Michele in NH

Hello, Ira!

I gave you 5 beautiful stars on Copperknob! It’s great!
What are a couple of dances you’ll be doing now in your Kings Point class?
I’m planning to dance with you, Diane and the Kings Point class this winter.
Barbie Rey

Terrific new country song. I have always liked country music.
Always nice to hear from you. Bev Baran.
My best to wife and pets

Thanks Ira for the dance and the music too!! I do like it and will teach it tomorrow. I’m sure the class is going to like it as much as I do!!! You don’t remember me but I was on one of your dance cruises and I’ve danced with you at some of the events. Hope you and Diane are doing well.

Thank you, Ira I will teach this dance to my class, like many others , we have enjoyed them, when I tell my class going to teach a new dance. They will say I know it’s Ira I just smile. Thanks again.
Mary Leslie

Hi Ira,

Nice dance. Thanks for music and step sheet link. Always helps to get the dance out there faster. Will be teaching this.
Thanks again,

Nancy McDavid
Clermont, FL

Thanks, Ira!! I LOVE this dance and the music. Great, simple dance, one my seniors will love. Plan on teaching it very soon.
Hi to Diane!

Charlie (Crocodile Rocker)

Hallo Ira,

du hast einfach ein gutes Händchen für schöne Musik und wunderbare
Tänze. Vielen Dank dafü ist einfach schön das es dich gibt.

Please use your electronic dictionary for translation ;-)

I wish you a wonderful day.
Again, thanks a lot for your dance and lovely song.

Hi Ira,

It is so beautiful and thank you...will teach on Tuesday
warm regards

June Burdett
Nuline Dance
South Africa

Thank you, Ira! Can hardly wait to teach it to my class! Have a blessed day!
Phyllis (CountrySpirit)

Thank you so much, nice song and wonderful choreo
Best regards

Hi Ira,
Just looked at your new Line dance Heat Body and Soul and I love the way it flows. Looks like fun and easy for all. The song is beautiful too!
We miss you down here in FL
See you soon,
Texas & Florida

hello Ira,
Thank you for sharing your and friends new dance. You are the best. I brag about you all the time. The latest is my dancers are asking for Mojo Mambo ( one of your dances as you know). My Eldergym interview already has 500+ views. That's where I bragged you are the Number One Choreographer In The Whole World (always). I'm only 86 and still movin it. G.G. (Gramma Jones)
Mesa, Arizona

Thank you Ira, or sharing this lovely dance

Hello Ira,
It is good to hear from you again. It has been a while. Your life /career sounds exciting. Thanks for the music and dance. I will teach it to my class next Wednesday.

Best regards,
Forever Young Line Dancers in Sugar Land, Texas

Hi Ira I taught the dance last night and the class loved it will be tea hing it again tonight looks like you have another hit on your hands lovely dance and song

Andrea Clark

I like – thank you very much – Leonie (Sydney Aust.)

Sir Dancelot October 11, 2019
It's great to hear from line dancers all over the world !!

Hi Ira,
Love the new dance and song. I can’t wait to share it with the gals in Yuma this winter. We leave for there next week. Keep up the wonderful work. Happy dancing.
Evie from B. C. CANADA

Hi Ira

Thanks for the beautiful piece of music & the link to your dance.

Very good music, y have already bought this music from itunes and y will include that dance to my group this coming winter. That will be at Highland Woods RV resort in Pompano beach.
Thank you Ira And your team. I appreciate what you do
Michel Bondu
Quebec Canada

Nice dance and music, thanks.
Best wishes
Judy Fu

Thank you Ira for sharing, and I love that you give the background to the dance/s also. My classes appreciate it when I share the background also. They know you're my favorite choreographer. Keep it coming, Ira.

Fore the seniors,


Just thought I would let you know that my dance class was the first in Canada to do this new dance and it was a great privilege! And, they nailed it!!!

One of your acquaintances, Lorraine Millburn, taught it this afternoon. She's been coming to my class all summer and will be with us until she leaves for Florida. I get her to teach one dance per week and I had her do Heart, Body & Soul this afternoon. The class loved it.

The only thing we changed was the music......I still used Far To Go, but, I had it slowed down to more of a rumba beat for teaching purposes, but, I liked it enough like that, so, it will most likely stay a rumba.

We had a great time with it and were excited about being the first Canadian class to do it!!!!!

Thanks!! ❤️

Pony Chen October 13, 2019
Sorry Ira, I can't play the music video you shareed ...

YA Dancer October 14, 2019
Thank You to everyone who has supported our dance we appreciate every view, teach, video, class, dance...many thanks xxx

Riverside October 16, 2019
Great song and dance! Thank you Yvonne,Ira and Rubin . . . I look forward to teaching it this Thursday to my class in Laughlin, NV.

peanuts October 16, 2019
New line dancer in the past two years.. it seems the “hits” are simpler dances, getting away from advanced dances with many restarts, tags.
Bonaparte’s retreat a hit with some bagpipe music.. be great to have some more Scottish dances

Pony Chen October 17, 2019
Nice beginner dance...

YA Dancer October 17, 2019
Hi peanuts, I think we have had a really good run of easier dances gaining popularity. From my own point of view I can say that I have a HUGE (between 80-109) beginners class and for them the easier dances coming though are fantastic. Many have been dancing for a while but do not want to tackle harder dances, for them it is a weekly social and they enjoy the relaxed pace. For a Scottish dance...look at little green shirt, it’s a while since it was first published....but it’s still a great wee dance xxx

Wilbur October 27, 2019
Thank you for teaching this beautiful Dance to us at your week in Malta Yvonne my class just love it xxx

SHAZA’S Dancers x

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