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Bella Ciao

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Tomohiro Iizuka (JP) - September 2019
Bella Ciao (Música Original da Série La Casa De Papel)
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Intro:16 counts

[1-8] Walk RLR, Kick L, Walk Back LRL, Touch R
1-4Walk forward RLR, Kick L forward
5-8Walk back LRL, Touch R back

[9-16] Cross R, Point L, Cross L, Point R, Point Switch x 3, Flick L
1-4Cross R over left , Point L to left side, Cross L over right, Point R to right side
&5Step R beside left, Point L to left side,
&6Step L beside right, Point R to right side,
&7Step R beside left, Point L to left side,
8Flick L behind right
(Bridge on Wall 3)

[17-24] Rock L, Recover R , Shuffle L Back, Rock R Back, Recover L, Kick Ball Step R
1-2Step Rock L forward, Recover R
3&4Step L back, Step R across left , Step L back
5-6Step Rock R back, Recover L
7&8Kick R forward, Ball Change R, Step L forward

[25-32] Pivot 1/4 L x 2, Jazzbox R
1-2Step R forward, Pivot 1/4 L (9:00)
3-4Step R forward, Pivot 1/4 L (6:00)
5-8Cross R over left, Step L back, Step R to right side, Step L forward

Bridge : On Wall 3 ( After 9-16 counts, face to 12:00)
[1-8] Mambo L, Stomp R & Clap x 3
1-4Step Rock L forward, Recover R, Step back L, Hold
5-8Stomp R beside left & Clap x 3, Hold
Countinue with [9-16] Cross R, Point L…

Tag :After Wall 4 (face to 6:00)
[1-4] Hold, R Arm Up
1-4Hold weight on left, R arm stretch out and up
The music slows down, countinue with [1-8] Walk RLR Kick R…

Ending: After Wall 8 (face to 12:00)
[1-4]Stomp R & Clap x 3 (face to 12:00)
1-4Stomp R beside left & Clap x 3, Hold

Tomohiro Iizuka : –


Poppet October 16, 2019
Splendid dance. Well done !

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