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Let You Go

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High Intermediate
Tim Johnson (UK), José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Jennifer Woolfries (UK) - October 2019
Lost Without You - Freya Ridings
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No intro.

[1-8] R Side Rock, L full turn sweep, 1/8th cross recover full turn, arm raise, step back L, R L
1Rock right to right side (1)
2&3¼ left stepping forward on left (2), ½ left stepping back on right (&) 3/8th left stepping side left sweeping right in front, to face 11:30 (3)
4&a5Step weight down on right (4) recover on left (&) ½ right stepping forward on right, to face 5:30 (a) ½ right collecting left next to right keeping weight on right and start raising arms up (5) (facing 11.30)
6Continue to raise both arms up with palms facing up in front to just above shoulder height (6)
7, 8&Step back on left (7), back on right (8) back on left (&)

[9-16] R back rock, 1 3/8 turn sweep, cross side behind, step ¼, Arms cross out push, step back R, L R
1Rock back on to right (1) (still facing 11:30)
2&31/8 left stepping side left (squaring up to 9 o’clock) (2), ½ turning over left shoulder stepping back on right (&), 3/4 left, stepping back on left & sweeping right fwd (3) (facing 6-o-clock)
4&a5Cross right over left (4) step side left (&) step right behind left (a) ¼ left stepping fwd on left (5) (facing 3 o’clock)
6&7Cross forearms in front of your chest (hands open, back of hands facing one another, forearms making an X) (6) uncross arms keeping hands at shoulder height palms facing out (&) step back on right pushing arms straight out in front at shoulder height (7)
8&(lower arms) Step back left (8) step back right (&)

[17-24] ¼ L side lunge, R side, cross, ½ sweep, behind, side, spiral, Rock Fwd, back, Fwd RLR sweep L, L cross, back
1¼ lunge left to left side (1) (facing 12-o-clock)
2&3Step side right (2) cross left over right (&) ½ over your left shoulder, stepping down on right & sweeping left behind (3) (facing 6-o-clock)
4&5Cross left behind right (4) step side right (&) Step fwd left and full turn spiral over right shoulder keep weight on left (5)
6&7Rock fwd right (6) rock back left (&) Rock fwd right sweeping left fwd (7)
8&Cross left over right (8) step right to right side (&)

[25-34] L Back sweep, behind, ¼ L, ¾ L R Arabesque, back rock, recover, ¼ R side, push arms, sway L R L
1Making 1/8 turn right to face 8:30, Step back on left sweeping right back (1)
2&3Step right behind left (2) ¼ left stepping back on left (&) 3/4 left pivoting on left while raising right leg up behind in a low arabesque (3) (Facing 8:30)
4&5Rock back right, squaring up to 9 o’clock (4) recover on left (&) ¼ left stepping side right Look down (5) (facing 6-o-clock)
6 7 8looking up, Push arms out in front of you with palms facing out (6, 7, 8)
1 2*Sway right (1) sway left (2)

*wall 4 - Restart dance missing the last 2 sways after count 32 (facing 12-o-clock)

Ending – At the end of wall 5 do the first 4& counts of the dance up to the cross rock recover then step ½ right to the front and raise arms up in front.

Smile and enjoy


Bettan January 3, 2020
Such a beautiful dance!

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