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Scott Hojer (AUS) - October 2019
Twang - Mason Ramsey : (Album: Twang - 2:57)
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Dance starts after the first 16 counts on the vocals…CW Rotation

S1 cross samba sailor ¼ turn L, cross side heel jack
1&2,3&4cross R over L, step L to L side recover weight onto R, step L behind R, R to R side, recover weight onto L
5,6,7&8cross R over L, Step L to L side, step R back, recover weight onto L, touch R heel fwd on 45⸰

S2 cross side behind side cross, toe & toe, heel & heel
&1,2,3&4recover weight onto R cross L over R, R to R side, step L behind R, R to R side, cross L over R
5&6&7&8touch R toe to R side recover, touch L toe to L side recover, touch R heel fwd recover, touch L heel fwd recover
*** 1st restart wall 3
###2nd restart wall 8

S3 Rock recover ½ turn R shuffle fwd, step pivot ½ turn R full turn or shuffle fwd
1,2,3&4rock fwd R recover, step R making ½ turn R onto R, step L tog step fwd R
5,6,7&8step fwd L making ½ turn R, step fwd R, step ½ back onto L, step fwd R (or shuffle fwd R,L,R)

S4 rock R to side, recover rock L recover, L toe back ½ turn L kick ball change
1,2&3,4rock to R side recover onto L, rock L to L side recover,
5,6,7&8touch L toe back ½ turn L take weight onto L, kick R ball change onto L

Restart on wall 3 after completing section 2 noted with ***
Restart on wall 8 after completing section 8 noted with ###

Version 1.


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