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Texas Connection Too

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High Beginner
Lisa McCammon (USA) - October 2019
Carrying Your Love With Me - George Strait
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#16 count intro - Start weight on L

NOTE: This dance was written as a floor split for Texas Connection by Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski.
The tag is the same. In this dance, both tags occur at the back wall, and both restarts occur at the front wall.

SEQUENCE: 32, 4, 32, 16, 32, 4, 32, 16, 32, 32

1, 2&Step R to side, step L back and slightly behind R, cross R
3&4Step L to side, close R, cross L
5&6, 7&8Step R to side, close L, step forward R, step L to side, close R, step back L

1&2Step back R, close L, step back R (L will sweep back naturally)
3&4Step back L, close R, step back L (R will sweep back naturally)
5&6Step R behind, step L to side, cross R
7&8Rock L to side, recover R, cross L ***RESTART

1&2Sway R, turn left ¼ [9] onto L, step forward R
3&4Rock forward L, recover R, step L slightly back (momentum is back)
5&6&Step back R, touch L home, step back L, touch R home
7&8&Step back R, touch L home, step back L, touch R home (prep for right turn)

1&2Turn right ¼ [12] stepping side R, close L, turn right ¼ [3] stepping forward R
3&4Step forward L, turn right ¼ [6] onto R, cross L
5-6Step R to side swaying R, recover L
7&8&Cross R, step back L, step R to side, cross L (jazz box cross)

TAG: AFTER 1st and 4th repetitions: repeat last four counts. The tags will occur facing the back wall.
1-2Sway R, L
3&4&Sync jazz cross-back-side-cross RLRL

RESTART DURING 3rd and 6th repetitions. The restarts will occur facing the front wall.

© All rights reserved, October 2019. This step sheet is not authorized for publication on Kickit. If you have a script of this dance with the Kickit logo it should be destroyed, because it has been posted without permission or proper credit, and may have been altered without my knowledge or consent. Contact Lisa at or visit


Donna Beard October 22, 2019
This is not a beginner dance. Beginners don't have restarts and tags, especially 2 of each in the same dance. If I teach this dance I will call it a Low Intermediate because my beginner students won't even look at it.

catman October 23, 2019
I understand that George changed the higher designation that the choreographer put on the dance when he published it, but has amended it to high beginner at her request. Instructors always use the rating as a guideline, then measure the choreography against the ability of their students in judging whether or not it is appropriate and evaluating which level will be receptive to it. In our beginner classes (NOT absolute beginner), we routinely do tags and restarts--the sooner they learn about phrasing, the better. We learned this in class last night, and although some students struggled a bit with one sequence (because they didn't LISTEN to the explanation by the instructor), everybody got the phrasing just fine.

Baliamo October 26, 2019
Beginner levels across the country differ. In the area we live in FL, this beautifully choreographed dance is a "piece of cake" for people that dance here 5-6 days a week for the past 10-20 years, with an age range of 55-85. We are blessed to have the choreographer among us! Along with a few others!

Steppin With Susi October 26, 2019
I had the distinct pleasure of teaching this dance to my Beginner class this morning. Most of my Saturday dancers are experienced Beginners, and after a very deliberate teach with plenty of repetition, they executed the dance beautifully. We routinely do dances with tags and restarts that are more difficult to hear and recall than those in this dance. Feedback from dancers was overwhelmingly positive. We will happily dance this to other appropriately slow songs. Thank you, Lisa!

Pismo October 26, 2019
Thank you Bailamo and Susi--I appreciate your comments. As Catman said, the rating a choreographer puts on a step sheet is a guideline. Some dances labeled AB I would never teach to my newbies, but I do teach them to my transitional students in the beginner range. In the absence of hard and fast rules, that's the best we can do as choreographers and as instructors.

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