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Toe To Toe

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Absolute Beginner
Tina Argyle (UK) - November 2019
Day of the Dead - Wade Bowen
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I wrote this for my AB class only, but was recently asked to release it….. so here it is!
Floor split for the fabulous dance Day Of The Dead by Dan Albro x
Count In : Start with lyrics
Stomp & Toes Fan x2
1 – 4Stomp Right Fwd. Fan toes out, fan toes in, bring toes to centre centre taking weight
5 – 8Stomp Left Fwd. Fan toes out, fan toes in, bring toes to centre taking weight
Step Fwd Touch, Step Back Touch, Step Back Hook, Step Fwd Touch
1 – 2Step fwd Right, Touch Left at side of right
3 – 4Step back Left, Touch Right at side of left
5 – 6Step back Right, Hook Left over Right shin clicking fingers at shoulder height
7 – 8Step fwd Left, Touch Right at side of left
R Vine Touch. L Vine ¼ Turn
1 – 4Step Right to right side, Cross Left behind right, Step Right to right side, Touch Left at the side of right
5 – 8Step Left to left side, Cross Right behind left, Make ¼ turn left stepping Fwd Left, Brush Right at th side of left
Walk, Hold. Walk, Hold. ½ Pivot Run Forward R,L
1 – 4Step Fwd Right, Hold. Step Fwd left, Hold.
5 – 6Step forward Right, Make ½ turn left onto Left
7 – 8Run fwd Right then Left

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Happy Feeet November 12, 2019
Great soundtrack, it'll be a keeper for our Tuesday's class.
Thank you !!

Sandue November 28, 2019
Good dance, but I'll be teaching it to my Beginner class - I think it's more Beginner then new dancers just trying to learn dance steps.

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