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Queen For A Night

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Wayne Beazley (AUS) & Kevin Smith (AUS) - December 2019
Queen for a Night - Casey Donahew : (Album: One Light Town - iTunes & Spotify - 3:16)
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Start on the word “QUEEN". - Restart on wall 4 (### after 56 counts)

S1 Side R, Behind & Side R, Cross L, Rock side R, Recover, Cross Shuffle, Side L
12&3Step R to R, Step L behind R & Step R to side, Step L across R
45Rock R to side, Recover weight on L
6&78Step R across L & L tog, Step R across L, Step L to side

S2 R Sailor Rock, Rock Side L, Recover, Rock back, Recover, Step side L -¾ R
1&234Step R behind L & Step L to side, Rock R to side, Rock L to side, Recover weight on R
5678Rock L back, Recover, Step L to side turning ¼ R, Turn ½ R-R fwd

S3 Shuffle fwd, R fwd, Pivot ¾ L, Side Shuffle, Rock back, Recover
1&234Step L fwd & R tog, Step L fwd, Step R fwd, Pivot ¾ L
5&678Step R to side & Step L tog, Step R to side, Rock L behind R, Recover

S4 L Dorothy step, R Dorothy step, Rock fwd, Recover & L tog, R fwd, Pivot ½ L
12&Step L fwd @ diagonal, Lock R behind L & Step L fwd
34&Step R fwd @ diagonal, Lock L behind R & Step R fwd
56&78Rock L fwd, Recover back R & Step L tog, Step R fwd, Pivot ½ L

S5 Walk, Walk & Side R, L fwd, R fwd, Rock fwd, Recover, Coaster step
12&Step R fwd, Step L fwd & Step/Rock R to side
34Step L fwd, Step R fwd
567&8Rock L fwd, Recover, Step L back & R tog, Step L fwd

S6 Stomp fwd, Twist ¼ L, L Sailor, R behind, ¼ L-Lfwd, R fwd, Pivot ½ L
12Stomp R fwd, Twist both feet ¼ L (keep weight on R)
3&4Step L behind R & Step R to side, Step L to side
56Step R behind L, ¼ L-Step L fwd
78Step R fwd, Pivot ½ L

S7 Fwd R, Touch L, Ballstep, Touch & Side L, Cross ball Jack & R tog, Extended Cross Shuffle
12&Step R fwd, Touch L tog & Step L back
34&Step R fwd, Touch L tog & Step L to side
5&6&Step R across L & L to side, R45 & Step R to side
7&8Step L across R & R tog, Step L across R ### RESTART HERE ON WALL 4
&Step R tog

S8 Rock across, Recover, Side L, Touch & R to side, Touch, Hold & Out L, Out R & In L, Touch R tog
12&3Rock L across R, Recover back R, & Step L to side, touch R next L
4&5,6HOLD,& R to side, touch L next R, HOLD
&7&8 &L to side, R to side,(out step ), & L to centre, touch R next to L

Contact: Wayne or Kevin


Squidgy December 5, 2019
Love your choreography, Wayne and Kevin. You choose brilliant songs, and interpret them spot on. Thank you. :-D xx

Beez December 5, 2019
Thanks Squidgy xx

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