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Ride it

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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - December 2019
Ride It - Regard
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RF step diagonal right, sailor step, kickball cross, repeat to the other side start with LF.
1RF step diagonal forward.
2LF step backwards RF
&RF step right
3LF kick diagonal left.
&LF closes RF
4RF crosses forward LF
5LF step diagonal left
6RF step backwards LF.
&LF step left.
7RF kick diagonal right.
&RF closes LF.
8LF crosses forward rf.

RF touch right, cross forward, LF touch left, cross forward, RF touch right, cross backwards, LF touch left, cross backwards.
1RF touch right.
2RF cross forward LF.
3LF touch left
4LF cross forward RF.
5RF touch right.
6RF cross backwards LF.
7LF touch left.
8LF cross backwards RF

Arm movement with foot tap option, or use hips
1 -3weight on LF roll your arms from down to up, tap RF if you want or hips
4change weight to RF.
5 -7roll both arms from down to up, tap LF if you want or hip.
8Weight on LF.

Jazz box with ¼ turn right, heels out and in, heels out and in.
1RF cross forward LF.
2LF step backwards.
3¼ turn right, RF step forward.
4LF step forward.
&R heel step right diagonal forward.
5L heel step left diagonal left forward.
&RF step in center.
6LF closes RF.
&R heel step right diagonal forward.
7Lheel step left diagonal forward.
&RF step in center.
8LF closes RF.

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