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Long Live The Blues

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High Beginner
Larry B Richards & Linda Woods - December 2019
Mr. Lonely - Midland
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[1-8]. Right shuffle forward RLR, Left shuffle forward LRL, REPEAT. 12
1&2Right shuffle forward,
3&4Left shuffle forward
5&6.Right shuffle forward,
7&8Left shuffle forward

[1-8] Right Kickball change x4 making ½ turn over right shoulder 6
1&2right kickball change making 1/8 turn,
3&4Right Kickball change making 1/8 turn. 3 O’Clock
5&6Right Kickball change making 1/8 turn,
7&8Right Kickball change making 1/8 turn 6 O’Clock

[1-4] Right side shuffle RLR, rock Left behind right recover on Right 6
1&2Right side shuffle. RLR.
3-4rock back left behind right recover weight on Right. 6
[5-8] Left side shuffle LRL, ¼ turn over Right shoulder rock back on Right recover on Left 9 O’Clock
5&6Left side shuffle LRL,
7-8.¼ turn over Right shoulder rock back on right recover weight on left 9

[1-4] Right side shuffle RLR, rock left behind right recover on right. 9
1&2Right side shuffle RLR,
3-4left behind right recover weight on Right
[5-8] left grapevine ¼ turn over left shoulder scuff. 6
5-8left grapevine. Left to side right behind left, left to side, ¼ turn to left scuff right. 6

Start over. Enjoy..


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