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Extraordinary Waltz

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Intermediate waltz
Mark Furnell (UK) & Chris Godden (UK) - January 2020
Extraordinary Magic - Ben Rector
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#12 Count Intro

[01 – 12]: Step, Point, Step, Point, Weave, Coaster Step
1-3Step left forward, point right to right, hold
4-6Step right forward, point left to left, hold
7-9Cross left over right, step right to right, turn 1/8 left step left back (10:30)
10-12Step right back, step left together, step right forward

[13 – 24]: Step, Dèveloppè, Back Back ½ Step, Step, Point, Hold, 7/8 Triple
1-3Step left forward, hitch right knee, extend/lift right foot forward
4-6Step right back, step left back, turn ½ right step right forward (4:30)
7-9Step left forward, point right to right, hold
*WALL 7 BRIDGE – Hold a further 2 counts
10-12Turn 3/8 right step right forward, step left forward, turn ½ right step right forward sweep left over right (3:00)

[25 – 36]: Twinkle, ½ Twinkle, Weave, Back Rock, Step
1-3Cross left over right, step right to right, step left to left
4-6Cross right over left , turn ¼ right step left back, turn ¼ right step right to right (9:00)
*RESTART HERE WALL 2, 5 (plus tag)
7-9Cross left over right, step right to right, turn 1/8 left step left back (7:30)
10-12Rock right back, recover to left, step right forward

[37 – 48]: Step, ½ Turn, 1½ Rolling Turn, 5/8 Pencil Turn
1-3Step left forward extending right toe back, hold for 2 counts
4-6Pivot ½ right transfer weight to right, hold for 2 counts (1:30)
7-9Pivot ½ left transfer weight to left, turn ½ left step right back, turn ½ left step left forward (7:30)
10-12Step right forward, turn 5/8 right dragging left to touch beside right (weight stays on right) (3:00)

Tag - Wall 5
1 - 3Cross rock left over right, recover to right, point left to left

Ending: On Wall 7 after 42 counts turn to face the front sweeping right foot

Last Update – 7 Jan. 2020


Little Joyce January 5, 2020
such a beautiful dance, well done boys

Sooz January 7, 2020
Lovely flowing dance, but isn’t the restart on wall 6 after 24 counts not 30, as it says in the script? It’s a little hard to see in the video as the view from the dancing group moves to the pair at the point.. I would welcome some clarification as the music doesn’t really help on this particular restart and I want to do this dance correctly.

Sooz January 8, 2020
Thank you for now correcting the script.

dancer33 January 10, 2020
The restart on wall 2 is missing off this sheet ! Gorgeous dance love it xx

dancerline2019 January 10, 2020
It is there dancer33. Just not in bold like the others.

dancer33 January 11, 2020
Aw fab thank you need to find my glasses!

Joel January 12, 2020
Regarding the bridge: if it is a hold for "a further two counts" ... then it would be counted: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5." The "4 and 5" would be the additional two counts of the bridge. Your LIVE video shows you only count "1, 2, 3, 4" before you start the dance again. Should your choreography be edited to say "hold for two counts"? or is the video a mistake in that you only added "a further one count"? In your other video, the first step after the bridge actually starts on a different section of the piano music so I'm assuming that is just a splice and music track issue in the final edit.

571029 January 12, 2020
Another beautiful dance, stunning music, well done again boy's, fabulous

LionDancer January 12, 2020
Waltz redefined, in a GREAT way!

Joel January 14, 2020
Every single demo and tutorial does not "hold a futher two counts" for the bridge. Even your two demos show it differently from each other ... we really need some clarification on the bridge.

Mad Phil January 14, 2020
Absolutely beautiful dance, boys, loving it!
Tend to agree with the above, a one-count bridge seems to fit best with the music.

whitehouse January 15, 2020
Love it love it love it we'll done both

Dawniediddle January 15, 2020
I found it easier to it’s go after he says “in you” rather than try and count it.

Fabulous dance though boyz xxx

Joel January 15, 2020
Dawniediddle: the start after the bridge comes three full counts after he says “in you” so you’d be starting WAY early and not even doing the bridge if you start after he says “in you.” Watch the choreographer’s live video, with the grey thumbnail, and you’ll see what I mean.

Sooz January 16, 2020
Agree with Joel, it’s a one count bridge. Folks must watch the boys dancing it in the “live” video. No other videos dancing it correctly. Lovely dance, disappointing that the ending is causing so much controversy.

Sooz January 19, 2020
Well done Winnie Ho - Dancing the bridge correctly! Other groups please take note.

Joel January 22, 2020
YES! Agree with Sooz: well done, Winnie Ho! Dancing the bridge exactly as the choreographer’s LIVE video! Good job!

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