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Midland Cha

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Tina Argyle (UK) - January 2020
Put the Hurt on Me - Midland : (Single Download, also on Let It Roll Album)
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Count In : 32 counts from start of track approx 19 seconds in

Side Together Forward, L Shuffle Back.Rock Back, Recover, Shuffle Forward
1,2,3Step R to right side, close L at side of R, step forward R
4&5Step back L, close R at side of L, step back L
6 –7Rock back R, recover weight onto L
8&1Step forward R, close L at side of R, step forward R

Step ¼ Turn, Cross Shuffle. Side Rock Recover, Cross, Side, Cross Rock
2 -3Step forward L, make ¼ turn right onto R (3 o’clock)
4&5Cross L over R, step R to right side, cross L over R
6 -7Rock R to right side, recover weight onto L
8 &1Cross R over L, step L to left side, Cross rock R over L

Recover, Step Side. Samba Step. Cross, Side, Sailor ¼ Turn
2 -3Recover weight back onto L, Step R to right side
4 &5Cross L over R, Step R in place, Step L to left side
6 -7Cross R over L, Step L to left side
8 &1Make¼ turn right stepping back R, step L at side of R, Step R in place (6 o’clock)

Skate Forward x2. Shuffle. ½ Pivot Turn ¼ Chasse
2 -3Skate forward L then R
4 &5Step forward L, Close R at side of L, Step forward L
6 -7Step forward R, Make ½ turn left onto L (12 o’clock)
8&Make ¼ turn L stepping R to right side, Close L at side of R (9 o’clock)
( 1 ) Step R to right side to start the dance again

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Last Update - 15 Jan 2020 -R2


bread January 5, 2020
i wonder who the first nasty voter was who voted a one

I wonder who was that first nasty voter who voted a one

dl January 7, 2020
That 8&1 count is very difficult for people who are used to the more traditional count

Killwillie January 15, 2020

Murphsmum January 18, 2020
Great music Tina Glad you changed it to improver though, more people will look at the script I think. Personally I think high beginners good have coped with it with a little TLC from their teachers, but so pleased that it will be a keeper for most classes. Pretty certain intermediates wont be bored, well not in our class anyway they will love it. Thank You Vicky North Wales XX

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