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High Improver waltz
Åsa Gustafsson (SWE) - January 2020
Shortcuts (I Can't Wait) - Molly Hammar
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Count in: 12
**Restart at wall 6 facing 12 o`clock, the music changes after count 36
*End of dance on wall 9, dance until the music fades out, last count 33.

[1-6]: L Basic fwd, R back basic ½ turn L (6 o`clock)
1,2,3Step L fwd, step R beside L, step L beside R
4,5,6Step R back, turn ½ L stepping L fwd, step R fwd 6.00

[7-12]: L Twinkle, R twinkle turn ¼ R (9 o`clock)
1,2,3Step L across R, step R to right, recover on L
4,5,6Step R across L, ¼ turn right right stepping back onto L, stepping R to right side 9.00

[13-18]: Fwd on to L sweeping R, step down on R sweeping L (9 o`clock)
1,2,3Step fwd onto L and sweep R from back to front on 2 and 3
4,5,6Step R down on R and sweep L from back to front on 5 and 6

[19-24]: L twinkle half turn L, Full turn R (3 o`clock)
1,2,3Step L across R, Turn ½ L stepping R back. Step L to L side 3.00
4,5,6Step R fwd, turn ½ R stepping on L 9.00. Turn ½ R stepping R fwd. 3.00

[25-30]: Step L fwd, Drag R toe and touch beside L heel, Step R back, Drag L toe and touch beside R toe. (3 o`clock)
1,2,3Step L fwd on count 1, drag R toe on count 2, do a touch with R toe beside L heel on count 3
4,5,6Step R back on count 4, drag L toe on count 5, do a touch with L toe beside R toe on count 6

[31-36]: Step fwd on L, Turn ¼ L with a R sweep (12 o´clock), point R toe in front of L , R
Twinkle ½ turn R (6 o´clock)
1,2,3Step fwd on L, count 2 and 3 sweep R toe and turn ¼ L, touch R toe slightly in front of L 12.00
* End of dance on wall 9
4,5,6Step R across L, ½ turn R stepping back onto L, step R to R side 6.00
** Restart here on wall 6 at 12 o`clock

[37-42]: Fwd on L, Slow kick with R toe slightly to the R, step back on R, L to L, cross R over L.
1,2,3Step L fwd on count 1, do one slow kick with R, slightly to the R on counts 2, 3.
4,5,6Step R behind L, step L to L and cross R over L

[43-48]: Long step to L, drag R and touch R toe bes L. Full turn R (6 o`clock)
1,2,3Take a long step L to L and drag R towards L and touch R toe beside L
4,5,6Turn ¼ R stepping R fwd 9.00, ½ turn R stepping L back 3.00. ¼ turn R stepping R to R 6.00

Last Update – 24 Jan. 2020


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